worrying about secondaries, again!

Hi all

Here I am, coughing away after a rough night with very little sleep, following on from many nights of very broken sleep. Being woken by the hot flushes which seem to be building up again now the chemo is wearing off.

So last night my mind went into overdrive thinking about all my aches and pains and wondering should I be telling a professional or am I being paranoid? I suffer from long term back ache in my upper back but this week it has appeared in my lower back. My belly is very distended, I’m thinking liver, or is it constipation? I go every day but am I doing enough? (lovely subject!).

I have strange pains in my head, always in the same place but they come and go, not like a normal headache (had this for a few wks now). Then there’s the cough, I’m thinking lungs.

I saw a doctor (not my sugeon) in outpatients for my 3 mth check, she barely touched my stomach so could she have missed anything, I’m thinking liver mets.

I suppose the point of this thread is how do we live with this dark shaddow hanging over us for the rest of our lives? And should I be asking for further tests? Had a bone scan 3 mths ago, all clear, just normal wear and tear seen. But on here I see that an MRI is more reliable and why has my liver never been scanned? I had lymph node involvement.

Any advice would be welcome. I’m sailing this wk end (my trip paid for by a charity) then off to Turkey monday (using the last of the savings!) for some sun so if I don’t respond, it’s coz I’m not here!


Hi Irene

I am sorry to hear that you are feeling anxious about secondaries. Just wanted to say that you are very welcome to contact the Helpline for confidential support, a listening ear and any information that you may need during this worrying time.

The helpline number is 0808 800 6000 and is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday 9am-2pm.

Kind regards.

Breast Cancer Care

Hi Irene,

after having the original diagnosis I think the majority of us will think that our ‘normal’ aches and pains are to do with cancer.
My thoughts are that before diagnosis I lived my life to the full and I want to get back to that feeling as soon as I finish treatments. when we were told that we had cancer we had no choice but to deal with it and I’m hoping that after treatment I’ll leave it in the hands of the proffesionsla (I will be vigilant for lumps etc) and if or when there is a recurrance I will deal with it again (hopefully) but at least the time between I would have enjoyed

have a brill time sailing and in Turkey and try and get a MRI on your return so that you can hopefully put your thoughts behind you

I have had a twinge in my ear, a twinge on my head then a cough and like you Irene I am convinced it’s bad news. I also had a stomach bug this week so immediately thought the worst. I think this is the legacy that we allo inherit after dx. Have a lovely time sailing and in Turkey. Love Eileen