Worrying myself sick literally

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I am literally worrying myself sick. I’ve been travelling for the last 7 months and in the last couple of months my left breast was itchy on and off and I was somehow ‘more aware’ of my breast. The itchiness stopped but over the last month my breast has been quite sore in one localised area (not in the area where I was itchy), sore under my arm and sometimes in my upper arm. I’m not sure if I can feel a lump or not, in that area it feels generally lumpy so difficult to tell, people have told me I would know a lump if I felt one but I just don’t know. Breast looks normal, no itchyness round the nipple, discharge or anything.

Because I was away I was unable to get back until now to get an appointment so the last few weeks have been awful. I’ve not slept properly in ages, my muscles are sore which I’m sure is the stress and in the last few days I’ve developed a brown vaginal discharge which I’ve never ever had before but Google seems to suggest this could also be stress. I’m 36 with no BC in the family but something just doesn’t feel right. I suspect I’ll not feel better tomorrow if the Dr simply refers me to the clinic and I’ll have to wait another length of

Hi Emmalou36,

I am sorry to hear you are going through this difficult time. I am sure some of our users will be along shortly to offer their support.

In the meantime please do call our support line at 0808 800 6000 who will be able to talk to you about what you are feeling and offer a friendly ear.

Best wishes, 

Lizzy Nightingale 

Digital Community Assistant

Hi hope you’re appointment went well? I’m just waiting for my referral for breast clinic so I understand what a scary time it is for you! My symptoms are different to you as I have a large area of thickened tissue top of my breast under armpit area which can feel without lifting my arms up but agree sometimes you can’t always feels a lump as apparently I’ve got a small lump under my breast same one as thickening just different area of it I’m only 29 single mum so getting abit stressed find it good to talk to people in same situation… But good luck and hope all gone well x

Thanks for the reply Stacey, I hope you are ok and have heard from the clinic.

My GP referred me after a very minimal examination, her words were ‘the breast feels generally lumpy but I can’t feel a disernable lump’??

I rang the clinic today to find out the waiting times, in Scotland they still distinguish between urgent and non-urgent, as my Doctor has put me through as non-urgent the wait time is 11 weeks!!

I can’t wait that long so have opted to go private, it’s not ideal as we don’t have health insurance but I’m not willing to wait 3 months. I have a BUPA consultation tomorrow so will just have to wait and see what they say.


No problem :wink: it’s good to talk to people in similar situations! That’s shocking 3 months?? I’m very lucky I’ve got a good gp who rang me today telling me my referral has gone and I should hear something by the end of week…if I don’t to ring him back on Friday so I can’t complain hope all goes well at your consultation x

Hi Emma, Bow did you get on at your appointment?

I too am having to wait 12 weeks for a breast clinic appointment. May I ask where you went private as I want to do the same. Thank you