Worrying myself silly!!!


I have had Surgery (lumpectomy & ANC) due for my 6th cycle of chemo on 8th June but have a bruised tender type feeling on the side of my armpit and on my shoulder blade on my affected side for a while now, im just so scared that the cancer may have spread? Sometimes I think it must be from the surgery, has any one else noticed this from there surgery? Sorry having one of those days of worrying!!!

Donna x

Hi there
I can’t relate to your symptoms personally but would defo suggest you get it checked out if only to put yur mind at rest. Surgery can cause allsorts of strange pains+ sensations (especially following ANC) so chances are it’s surgery related. Hope yoyr team can reassure you.
All the best
tina x

Hi Donna
I had a lumpectomy and 5 nodes removed on 2 Feb and my affected breast and the lymph node scar area still hurts, so much so i got myself an appointment with my consultant. He had a check and said everything ok and that some people just take alot longer to heal than others.
Hope it settles down soon for you, try not to worry, easier said than done i know.

DONNA give your chemo ward a ring, i rang mine yesterday for something i was worried about and they were brilliant in calming any worries i had. Hope all goes well for you.
I had full lymph node removal 3 weeks ago and to be honest ive been very lucky, hardly any pain and full movement of my arm back. Slight numbing at the back of the arm but can feel most of it starting to come back. Did have the tight feeling around the top of my arm and still do from time to time mainly when im tired it feels like an elastic band pulling tight around it. All perfectly normal.

give your bcn a ring tell them about it and she should get you an appointment to see yr surgeon, i had pain all down my left side and ended up having bone scan results didnt show anything up on my side but a small spot on my foot which he thinks could be a old break or my arthritus and if the pain carries on then ill have a mri scan so far it is ok but right shoulder isnt it feels just like yours bruised and tender i was told chemo can make arthritus hurt more or less well after my first chemo i didnt have any pain but now its back due 2nd round this week so well see if it takes the pain away again
maz xx