Worryingly I can sign in without giving my details!


I noticed this yesterday but thought I had not signed out of my account but it’s happened again this morning. If I go to  ‘sign in’ (to enable me to reply to a post) I am immediately signed in without giving my username or password. Very worrying. This is happening on an iPad so I’m not sure if it also happens on a phone or pc. I don’t  save any of my passwords ever so there should be no reason for this to happen.

Please can someone look into this and rectify it. This has only happened since the change in the website design to Breastcancernow.


Hi Nicky


My ipad signs me in automatically. You need to change your security settings in this case, I suspect. Usually on the ipad, I start to sign inTo a site and I’m offered an option at the bottom of the screen to sign in as XXX or I’m offered passwords (for which I need a password I don’t know!). However, on this site and a couple of others I visit regularly, I am automatically signed in. I don’t think it’s anything to do with the site or data security, just your settings. Fingers crossed


Hi Nicky08

Thank you for your comment. We’re sorry you’re having this issue with the Forum. 

Could I please check what browser you’re using? It may be a setting within your broweser that has caused this. However, we can look into this further for you if it’s to do with your acount. 

Best wishes


Digital Community Assistant