Worst cold ever, is this how it will be ?

I’ve finished my chemo & rads & now have herceptin & arimidex.
Had my op last July, lumpectomy & all the nodes on one side removed. Back to work 8 weeks ago. I now have the first cold I have had since dx, & I 've never known anything like this. I’ve been off work 3 days with it, never been off with a cold in my life before. I really have felt so ill with this. Is this how things will be for me from now on ? Is it because of the removal of the nodes ? Or could it be because this was coming on me ( been a bit sniffy since Sunday) when I had herceptin on Tuesday ?

I think you’ve just been unlucky and are probably tired from starting back at work, a bit run down and now probably also a bit low. There are some horrible colds and coughs going round. My neighbour who is fit and only 41 had a terrible throat one which lasted 2 weeks.
I had all my lymph nodes removed on one side last June, double mx, 8 chemos and rads. When my husband unusually got a nasty cough and sore throat I didn’t get it.
I do still get very tired and I’m only working part-time so I can rest quite a bit.

I would say make sure you’re fully recovered before you go back to work - remember all you’ve been through last year and give your body a chance to recover.
I certainly don’t think this is how it will always be.

Elinda x

Thanks elinda that makes me feel a bit better. Maybe I’m just not as strong yet as I normally would be.

Are you sure its only a cold? Colds don’t normally give you bad headaches or aches and pains. It does sound like a viral infection of some sort. I have had a throbbing headache and achey since Saturday and I haven’t even had chemo and feel crap!