Worst feeling ever watching my daughter in so much pain.

Prayers & thoughts

Hoping that the silence means you are spending precious time with your lovely daughter… love, thoughts & prayers

Misty i am praying that your presses beautiful daughter Sam pain is eased x

We are all thinking of you and all your family. Tracy xxx

Hello All, sorry for the lack of update,
I feel like we have been through so much with Sam these last few weeks its a roller coaster of emotions as she declines day by day then picks up and fights as she is not ready to accept her situation.
Sam decided to come home from the hospice as she was becoming more and more anxious so she now recieves hospice care at home with a team of nurses and carer’s visiting daily.
She is heavily sedated now due to high anxiety, but although her body is failing daily, mentally she fights on and on.
Its so painful to watch her struggle and I just wish she was at peace with herself mentally.
I am sobbing inside watching her struggle and I can’t even begin to imagin the internal battle she is having through all this pain.
We fear she is close to the end now as her body is shutting down, I don’t want to loose her but I cant bare to watch her in pain.
I pray now that she will find peace in herself and let go, God must need a special angel to take her she is so beautiful and a very special person loved by all who know her.
Her pain is my pain I love her so much its brealing my heart.
Thank you all for your prayer’s
Misty xx

Hi Misty, our love to Sam and you all at this difficult time, love junieliz x

Hello Misty, thankyou so much for making the time to share with us at this anxious and sad time ofr you all. I am sure hte ‘hospice at home’ people will do their best to ensure Sam is pain free. I am sorry she is so anxious, is she able to articualte that at all? Sometimes people are concerned that dying will hurt (I’m assured it does not) or that they are somehow failing their loved ones. It sounds as if you are supporting her wonderfully, reassuring her of your love and that her children will never forget her. Make sure there is time for you in all of this too, and places/spaces where you can let go when you need to.

Gentle hugs and prayers for a peaceful, painfree release for Sam, and peace and comfort for you all.

Hi Misty,
Sending you and Sam lots of love and prayers and peace xxxxx

Wishing you all peace and comfort.
V xx

Thank you for posting during this very difficult time, thinking of you all xx

Thinking of you and your family at this very sad time and sending virtual hugs. Bethy x

Huge hug for you xxx
And prays for Sam xxxx

thoughts for you xxx

Thinking of you and your family Misty x

Thinking so much of you and Sam and the rest of your family. It is so very difficult to watch someone you love so much suffer. I really hope that her pain can be managed properly and she can find peace.

sending love and prayers
big hugs xx

Love and hugs to you all during this very difficult time xxx

Love and prayers to you all x x

My heart goes out to you and your family at this saddest of times to see your child like this must be so painful you are a wonderful mother and my prayers and thoughts are with you all xx

Sending Sam, you and your family love and peace at this extremely difficult time xx

Holding you in my prayers, I hope your daughter finds peace. Love to all x