Would you like to improve your health, or overcome feelings of tiredness, worry or stress?

Leading scientists at the University of Southampton have created an evidence-based website which gives people support with improving their health and wellbeing after treatment for cancer.

“We know that cancer treatment can leave people feeling tired, stressed or just worse than they used to, we would like to help people get back to feeling normal and healthy again”, said Professor and GP Paul Little who is leading the research.

We are interested in talking to people who have finished treatment for breast cancer in the past ten years. We would like people to look at the website and tell us what they think of it, to make sure that it is as useful as possible.

If you would like to take part a researcher would meet up with you to look at the website with you, this can be in your home or at the University of Southampton. Each meeting would last around an hour and we will give you a £10 gift voucher to thank you for your help with the study.   You can take part in up three meetings if you would like to (and will receive a £10 gift voucher for each meeting).

If you are interested in finding out more contact Dr Adele Krusche (Tel: 02380 594592, Email: renewed@soton.ac.uk)

Great article and tips here. I will surely save your thread onto my bookmarks. 

Hmmmm sounds interesting, I will save your thread

Is there a link for this?

Hi there, yes or course.  Adopting strategies to overcome feelings of tiredness above all else would be very useful.  I did really well during radiology, and it is only now (4 days following end of treatment) that I feel so fatigued.

Iwuld love help to feel back to normal agin however working full time so havnt time to take part in the study. Basically My job is very stressful Iwork full time My arm cobntinues to be stiff from havig thelymph nodes removed and Im not as strong as I used to be and cant managed to do everything i usedto. I had side effect for theletrozole I was precribed and juststartedon exemestane .my life feel dull and lifeless wishing I could stop taking the AI meds asIm sure it makes me more tired. feel like falling asleep but got to sort the huse ut for xmasand it seems i may not have the energy to do it  xx

Where can I find out about this evidenced based research on how to help myself as feel I havnt gotthe energyto help myself presently xx

Hi Corinna. I had the same feelings of pain in my arms and tiredness. I decided to go to the gym just to start on the treadmill but I caught a really bad infection that took months to get over. I decided to buy an exercise machine for home (elliptical glider) and I’ve been using it for two days and already feel better. I also joined a seniors exercise class and that has helped as well. My house was a nightmare but now it’s so organised and tidy as I have a bit more energy now. If you put yourself first for a little while, you will feel better. Also take advantage of any holistic treatment you can get from hospital or breast cancer haven. Massages really do make a difference as well. Good luck!

Hi ladies. I finished my radiotherapy on 11th Dec.  I thought I would never get ‘back to normal’. I joined a gym and started doing body balance classes (2 or 3/week). Never done this before, but it’s wonderfull. And made such a difference to me and my attitude. Was a bit reluctant to go out for a while,  but by booking into classes, I find it easier. I’ve also started a spin fit class ( for mature movers). It’s only 30 mins,  for over 50s (I’m 62) and I love it.  I take the day as it comes and I still feel very tired at time, but console myself with 'well at least you are doing something". I can be tired doing nothing, so I’m pleased if I have done something in the day. My husband and I have started taking dance lessons for the first time ever. There is nothing good about cancer, but it has made me realise that life is for the living and to make the best of what I have. I have my down times, but These are outweighed by the positives in my life. Live, love, laugh and grab life with both hands. Xxx