Would you ...

… go through all this again knowing what you know now?

Interesting question boo

No choice really - have to do it for my 14 year old daughter - couldnt let her down


Definately…No where near as bad as I originally thought.
Babyboo, you will say the same when all this is behind you and you’re watching your kids grow up/graduate/marry.
You will remember your spell in hospital only for it’s home made cake and the spa treatments you had, not the bad bit that put you there.


I am not saying I would do anything different if I had the chance…in fact I would go through the whole lot 10 time over if I knew I was going to survive to 120 as originally planned…LOL I was just interested in other peoples views as when I talked to a nurse today she surprised me by telling me of those that don’t even go through this the first time.

Blimey… That would shock me to hear that too.


Good question.

Yep, I guess if I had to I would go through it again (as much as I would hate it !)



Hi ladies,

It looks as if I will be going through chemo again ( FEC last year) because of what they found in my latest recurrence in the breast. I look at it this way, I sort of blamed myself for getting BC in the first place, if I refuse chemo this time and it comes back as secondaries I will blame myself. If I take chemo and it comes back I will only blame the cancer.

I will know on the 6th November which chemo I will be taking, the thing I am most nervous about are needles, I have no decent veins left and even the anaesthetist could not get a needle in my ‘good’ arm and had to go for the forbidden ‘bad arm’.

I am having my hair cut on the 3rd November, it might seem a waste of time but hey ho.

Cheers ( Its on that note I blame myself, I use to drink at least a glass of wine a day!)


Don’t blame yourself and BIG BIG hugs that you have to go through it all again…wea re all here for you. xxx

Thanks BabyBoo,

I appreciate the hugs and knowing I can log on when I want cheering up.

Take care


Would you… YUP i did! FIVE times and then some. Was it worth it… I am still here 17 years on so thats a YES I guess :slight_smile:

Definitely, would go through ANYTHING if means can see my babies grow up … gotta be worth chucking everything and anything at it … bring it on …


I have just 6 more rads to go. Had chemo, mastectectomy then rads. Yes would do it again. I may be on a high and the rose tinted glasses are on, but I would. In the last 18 months I had a misscarriage, then a normal pregnancy - child birth, then diagnosis, then chemo. If another person tells me to eat ginger biscuits for nausea I`ll scream ! But how could you not

I know of an older woman who went to every screening offered her, after the age of 70 these stopped and she was told it was because she was considered very low risk. By the time it was diagnosed at the age of 72, it had metastased - it was actually because of tests for chronic anaemia that they found breast cancer cells in the marrow. It was only then that they found the lobular cancer. It was a very aggressive cancer and physically she was not strong. She discussed it with her husband and with the oncologist and the chances of either chemo or rads actually slowing the disease was less than 50%, as a couple they decided, painfully, that they would rather her last few months were relatively normal than for her to be laid low by the therapies.
They took a few weeks to make these decisions and during that time all the family knew was that their mother was still waiting for tests.
So, yes, some do not go through the surgery, chemo, rads. Whatever we do takes some doing. The road we are on is not easy.

on a brighter note - the delivery driver today was telling me his mother had BC 12 years ago, mastectomy etc and is absolutely fine.

yes I would definately do it again and again and again although I think i would be worried more about doing it a second time - as I didn’t have too many problems with the chemo first time round so law of averages makes me think that next time it would be a lot worse - hopefully I wont have to prove this theory!!!

I couldn’t finish my course of chemo ( had 4 of the 6) because of the life threatening problems I had (blood clot caused by the PICC line, then severe neutropenia with neutrophils of zero in spite of having had Neulasta) so I’m not sure that I would be able to do chemo again. I am concerned that I couldn’t finish though, but have started rads today and am on Arimidex, with Herceptin due to start at the end of November.


I’m finding it hard coping now after my first Tax after 5 x FEC and was really wondering if I would go through this again… but yes of course I would.

I have no children, dependants anything like that but I want to live.

Cecelia. x

Wouldn’t want to, but yes would go again because like Cecelia I want tolive and be with my lovely husband and many great friends.

Love to all


yes absolutely, but i have taken part in a trial and i think if i had to make the decision again, i would go for standard chemo as i would have been finished by now. The trial is longer and more aggressive.

But i would absolutely go through the operation and the chemo, just to say ‘I WON’


hi all im new to all this so here gos yes i would go through it all again hav had a mas 10 chemo and 25 rad taken arimidex wasent ready to go yet have three children to watch grow up even though the eldest is 21 my mother died from bc and i wasnt goin to let it have me aswell like the lady said before i hope i won . julie xx