Hi everyone, I’m starting my 7 th cycle if capecitabine tomorrow been fairly ok on this no side effects only tiredness.had my hair coloured, no problem. But as I’ve had some markers got better but some have got worse I’m starting vinorelbine tomorrow just 2 tablets, 1 a week after blood test first.wirryung I will lose my hair again with this.as well as the other side effects.?blood tests are a pain. My breast cancer was diagnosed in 2015, palliative chemo now.have days when I get so low wondering what next. Hate this disease so much

Hi Angela


I am on the same regime as you, 6 cycles of Cape so far, the last one I also had vinorelbine.  I found that I felt very tired for a couple of days after taking the vinorelbine and was hit with the big D about 8 hours after taking the capsules but apart from that I was fine.  I don’t think vinorelbine is supposed to cause hair loss but it may cause thinning. I normally have my hair coloured but have decided to stop for now.


Why don’t you join in on the main cape thread, just use the reply button and post your question or comment there, when you post as a new topic people can very easily miss it.  Posting on the main cape thread makes it easier for members to look back and read what problems other members have had when taking cape and how they have coped.


Treatment is really tough, I know I often resent the amount of time I have to sit around waiting at the hospital for different things and fell sorry for my husband having to spend so much time there with me but I try to be thankful for what I do have and enjoy the small things that I can still do.


Sending lots of hugs and hope everything goes well with the new drug.


Sandra x

Hi Sandra59.thank you for those positive comments.i too take vinorelbine on day 1 and day 8 of Cape cycle with blood test the day before each one.try ti be prepared for the ‘D’. Get confused with all the different threads I thought I was on the main cape one when I sent my message!! All you can think about is timing the tablets every day now the new ones arranging the next blood test and the next appointment with consultant which is every 3 weeks. How do you keep positive how do you not let it get to you as I struggle sometimes especially on days I’m.not feeling too good hugs to everyone xx

Hi Angela


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I try to look around me each day and find things to be thankful for, like being able to enjoy going out for lunch with family of friends of watching the birds on the bird table outside my window, although life is tough there is still so much I am thankful for.  I have a strong faith in God which gives me peace about my future, whatever the outcome.


 I do still have days when I struggle and I get very frustrated with the NHS and the deterioration in the service since I had my primary cancer in 2004 and the way patients with secondary BC are treated, but when I start getting negative I try to think of something positive instead.  



Sandra x

Hi Ladies,

did you ever find this thread? Its been going for yonks and lots of buddies, plus tips on it for you xx