Xeloda - just finished 1st cycle


I am on my first cycle and was fine at the beginning, as the two weeks have went on I have felt similar to morning sickness - in as much as I feel sick if I don’t eat every 2 or 3 hours I haven’t actually been sick but have came really close twice. Anyway I’ve started taking the anti sickness pill again so hopefully that will sort that out.

I am on day 13 at the moment but last night I have diarrhoea and didn’t hang around I just took the tablets I’d been given.

My question is do these symptom’s stay the same or are they likely to get worse every time I start a new cycle?

Diane xx

Hello Diane,

I was fine on my first cycle, I’ve finished cycle 4 and am due next cycle tomorrow if bloods are ok at clinic.

The nausea got worse on cycles 2 and 3 for me but I was ok this time.
The diarrhoea is a constant but quite mild.
I’ve started to have some problems with the soft tissue around my fingers and toes, in spite of lathering on moisterising creams, including the well known udder cream! Marsden delayed one of my cycles due to this problem, but it is worsening and I won’t be surprised if they delay again tomorrow.

i know several people though who have had nno sickness or problems with hands or feet so hope that your symptoms improve greatly next time.

Best Wishes,