Yay - another Stable Mabel :-)

Hi ladies
Just wanted to share my good news - bone mets are stable - no change, other than the bone strengtheners doing their job, since my last CT scan on 2009 :slight_smile: I’d forgotten how awful the wait for results is! I am sooo pleased and wanted to give anyone out there with the same diagnosis a bit of a lift, especially if recently diagnosed.
A very smiley Nicky xx

hi nicky… great news xx keep smiling… angie xx

Brilliant news :slight_smile: Congratulations!!
Tina x

great news.

julie x

Yay! How fantastic xxxxxxx

I am SO pleased for you Nicky. :slight_smile: Belinda…xxx

Thats great news no wonder you are smiling.
Love Sharon xx

Brill !!! We’ll have to be known as Stable Mabel 1, 2, 3 etc…x

so very, very happy for you! keep up the posts. How many more of you are stable? xx

That’s brilliant news Nicky from another “Stable Mabel” xx

Thank you all :slight_smile:
Love from Stable Mabel 4 (?) - correct me if I’m No 5 or 6 xx

Hi Nicky,

Congratulations from one stable mabel to another. You must be feeling over the moon, enjoy.


Great news Nicky, long may it continue!!

Alison x

Hi Nicky!

So pleased for you and all the “Stable Mabels” out there!

Sarah x

Add me to the roll call, I am now stable mabel yay
Sarahlousie xx

So good to hear some more nice news! It’s not all doom and gloom xx

And the good news keeps coming! Great to hear and long may it continue!!!

Laurie x

Welcome to the gang sarahlouise. May we all be in it for a very long time !!


Hooray - the group is growing :slight_smile:
Great news sarahlouise, keep it coming :slight_smile:
Nicky x


Excellent news, ‘stable’ is a fab word for those of us with sec’s. I hope you are going to celebrate in some way.