Yay for this forum!!

Hi all,


First time here and I’m glad to have found this forum.  I had a healthcheck through my hubbys work last week which included a mammogram. It was my first time having one (I’m 41) and while a little uncomfortable, glad I had it.


I’ve previously had discomfort in my left breast and armpit with a very small lump but its been put down to menstrual changes.  I had a historectomy 2 years ago but my ovaries and cervix were left intact.


I got a call yesterday to say that a couple of abnormalities have been found in my left breast and so I’m being referred to the breast clininc for further tests. Its possible that its a cyst or enlarged lymph but as they say, better safe than sorry.


Feelings are going between it’ll be alright calm to what if its not anxiety.


Just as I’m typing this, the hospital called to confirm my appointment at the breast clinic on Friday…

Hiya, I’m Sorry you have this worry hanging over you and it’s very hard not to be anxious but as you say you are lucky to have had an early mammogram which ever way this goes, it’s highly likely to be ok but if not then good job it was found now! A BC diagnosis although not what any of us want isn’t an instant death sentence and for the majority of us very treatable, please let us know how you get on Xx Jo 

Very best of luck to you Tigger.

Remember, many called in for second look are found to be fine so keep that in your mind. I will be watching your updates on Friday. Best wishes. Xx

Thank you both. Referral was very quick and I was seen in the breast clinic 3 days later.


Specialist feels it is possibly an enlarged lymph node and could be down to an autoimmune condition I have but I’m having further tests next week. She has also referred me to the clinical genetics in Oxford as going through my family history there is a strong possibility of a link.


Feeling nervous still and I guess I will do until I get either an all clear or a diagnosis…