Yay last rads today!!

Yay last rads today!!

Yay last rads today!! Finished!!
I feel very strange now though, sort of cut adrift. The cancer unit seems to have been my life for ages and now it’s over.

Will I ever get back to my normal life? Seems I left that behind long ago.

Love Zeb

Er, by the way, what’s normal???

Well done!!! Hi Zeb

Bet you’re glad that’s over - the round trip to Poole sounds a nightmare!

Don’t be surprised if you feel slightly ‘bereft’ now your treatment is over - it was a big anti-climax for me. I think it’s because we’re in the clutches of doctors, hospitals etc. for so long that it can seem a bit isolating and scary when it’s all over.

Little by little, you will get back to normal - just take one step at a time and don’t expect too much too soon. My Onc told me that the rads carry on working for quite a long time after the last treatment and can reach a peak about three weeks from the last one. So be kind to yourself, take it easy and have a few little treats lined up for the coming weeks!

All the best

Jo x

PS I’m still trying to discover what “normal” is too!!

Congratulations, Zeb Must be such a relief!

I am sitting here typing with a very pink tit (not typing with said tit, of course) courtesy of rads, so can understand your exhilaration at the treatment being over.

This time next week, it will be finished for me too.

Don’t have a clue what ‘normal’ is either! Spend most of my time on this site, which has to be decidedly abnormal!


— just to say — so pleased for you that it’s over at last - and it is ‘normal’ (?) to feel rather lost and alone once at this stage. Suddenly your security blanket is ripped from under you feet - but WE are still all here for you.


Joy xxxx

congratulations —Glad it is over for you time to treat yourself I think!!!

Congratulations Zeb!! Well done!
I’m so pleased for you - no more long trips across the Dorset countryside.
Be gentle with yourself.
Lots of love,
Flora xx

Congratulations! But don’t be surprised next Monday when you get up and it takes a few minutes to sink in that you ‘HAVEN’T got to go to the hospital today’!!

Enjoy your weekend.

wonderful ladies Wow, you ladies are just fantastic.

I have to say I feel completely shell shocked. You get terrified, shaken up, spat out and suddenly have to find your feet again.

Thank goodness for you all. I’m humbled by your support especially as some of you have far more to deal with than I’ve had.

My very best wishes,
Love Zeb

— —so glad its over for you i am very new to this site so dont know if i have done this right but i felt like you i finished my rads 2 weeks ago so burning nicely now