yearly check

end of the month i have a check up a the hospital i had the surgery at a yr ago
its grimsby if anyone has been
i just wondered what i will be having done as the letter just gives me an appointment and no details

i dont live near you, but when i had my hospital appointment, i had a mammo done, then an Onc appointment 3 weeks later. We had a chat about how i was doing since surgery/chemo/rads etc.

Had my 1 year post surgery appointment earlier this month. I had a mammogram 2 weeks prior to the appointment. I had the breast surgeon appointment in the post at least a couple of months before the mammogram appointment came through. If you haven’t heard from them about a month before your surgeon appointment I would ring and chase up the mammogram


I don’t live in UK, but in Spain. Follow up care here is very much different. I had my last surgery in 2002, followed by chemo,(Taxotere)then took Femara for 8 years. Over here though we get six monthly, chest x-ray and blood tests every 6 months , mammogram and bone scans every 12 months and also bone density every 12 months. I must say that the care here seems to be much more comprehensive. Also the checks don’t stop after 5 years but continue for ever, much more chance of catching a reccurence (which I had )

ive a feeling it will all be done on the same day as it is a fast track hospital
when i went with the lump it was mammo,scan and biopsy all in 1 hr
the appointment letter which i have had for 6 mths says to go for appointment with my surgeon/consultant. then in 6 mths i go to the onc at the other hospital. so i see someone every 6 mths
if i ring the receptionist i wonder if she will tell me the form as i really would like to know what to expect
i want mamo and results in the same day!!! havnt slepf for weeks now this is coming up

Very interested to hear other people’s comments on this as I have not been satisfied with the follow-up timetable at my hospital (Leicester) and in fact have just written to my onc on the subject following my ‘check-up’ appointment with him last week.
Here the mammograms are every 18 months but not linked to onc visits. Patients are seen yearly after treatment finishes : I was seen 12 months after surgery by the surgical team and then a year later by my onc. This meant that it was 20 months from the end of my rads and seeing the onc to the time when I next saw him. I am not due to see him again until 2012.

Re Spanish Chris’ experience - I was told that all the research evidence indicates that more frequent appointments do not result in better outcomes and that the vast majority of recurrences, secondary symptoms etc are detected by patients themselves and not at clinic visits. No scans or other tests are used after initial treatment here unless one presents with symptoms.

I have to accept what the onc says re the research but if this is the case, then I actually can’t see the logic in attending for yearly appointments just to fulfil what he calls ‘our hospital protocol’ I really can’t see the point of waiting 2 hours as I did last week for a brief physical examination and a short 'chat ’ with the onc;
I’ve written to him to say that in future i will only attend for mammos and do not wish to attend check-up clinics. How many ‘doctor hours’ are taken up with running these clinics I wonder?
I suggested that it would be better to spend extra time on patients whose treatment had only recently finished - I know I would have liked to have been seen more frequently immediately after my rads at the end of 9 months of treatment rather than being sent off and told I’d next see the onc in 20 months- not good psychologically in my view - ( I was grade 3 and had been told (and seen in writing) that I was at high risk of metastises)

Hospital practice does seem to vary a lot on this? Why is this so? Is it money?


Its amazing the difference from hospital to hospital, i was dx in june 07 had WLE and sentinel node biopsy . grade 2 but no spread. had rads. All my treatment has been in Northampton General. I have to say i have been really pleased with the hospital. 6 monthly checks rotating from surgeon to onc and yearly mammos in between. i have recently had a scare (phew all ok) but the hospital again were brilliant and checked everything no fob offs and even had phone call from breast care nurse (after results were ok )to see how i was. hospitals frequently get a bad press but i cant fault this one.

Annie x

rang hospital and the receptionist seemed to think it would just be a check up, no mammo or ultra sound, nothing, she said it had to be a yr after rads had finished not a yr from dx and surgery
bit worried now that i will have to wait another 6 months to know if its all gone
left a message for bc nurse to ask her
do i push for a mammo?

lincs lady - I had my mammogram on 11th August 2010, a year to the day after my diagnosis one in 2009. My rads finished in January 2010, so it is certainly not a requirement to wait a year after that. Maybe it is just your hospital, or the receptionist was talking a load of…!

Most of the other ladies on here who were diagnosed at about the same time as me have had their annual mammograms, so perhaps you should push your BCN for one.

I didn’t have a check at the same time, though. I have been having those every four months, alternating between breast services and oncology. Next year, they will be every six months. Like Annie, I have been really pleased with the treatment I have had. My only gripe was the long wait for rads, 11 weeks.

By the way, I didn’t have to wait long for the results of the mammogram. I got a letter nine days later saying it showed ‘no worrying features’.

I hope you get it sorted soon.

Ann x


I was told my yearly mammo was a year from dx and would continue each year on this anniversary.


well i spoke to bc nurse and she said same as receptionist
mammo is a yr from end of rads not surgery
i said other people id spoken too were having them a yr from dx and she said it was standard accross the country for the mammos to be a yr from dx
so i dont know why we are different here
so it seems all i will be getting next week is a feel from the surgeon
ive been worrying about this for weeks and wanted a yay or nay as to whether it had all gone etc

lincs lady - It sounds as if your Health Authority is the only one, if that really is the case. Can you contact someone more senior at the hospital to find out why - or perhaps your surgeon, or oncologist? You could try PALS. It doesn’t seem right if everyone else is getting their mammogram a year after dx. I don’t think I would necessarily believe the receptionist or BCN.

Ann x

I too am coming to the end of my treatment and because I have ‘dense breasts’ I have been told that I should ‘qualify’ for an MRI scan rather than mammogram as these do not show up anything on my breasts. I am waiting to see when my follow up appts will be and when I will get the scans. It is a worry.

My sister also had breast cancer and she was not happy with the follow up process and she has been able to go private and she pays for her scans (and she has them every 3 months) - a bit OTT but it is the reassurance that she needs. She told me that it costs her around £80 a time.

I know not everyone can afford to go down this road but I must admit it is something I am considering if I am not happy with what I am told - its worth the peace of mind.

i will really push the consultant when i see him on thursday but if he says no i dont see what i can do

Practice does vary in different regions. In Leicester, mammograms are only every 18 months & the first one is 18 months from the date of diagnosis.

yes it will be around 18mths from dx when i go

oh well keep my fingers crossed for another 6 mths i guess

Hi lincs lady,I had my first mammogram one year after I had finished rads, and then yearly.I am under the Marsden in Sutton.

Best wishes Mel xx

thankyou , so its not just lincs then. that is good to know

Like spanish Chris I too live in Spain , in the south .
My bc was picked up on a mamagram that I requested last November . No idea why I asked for it as no lumps bumps or any problems , but believe me I´m so glad I did .
Treatment at the begining I´m sure was very similar to that in the UK . By early december I had had a lumpectomy with removal of lymph nodes .
I did´nt get an appointment with an onc until late january , so until then I had no idea what form my future treatment would take .Rads followed ,about 11 weeks after my op .
Since then I´ve had various scans , I ´ve seen the surgeon once , the consultant radiologist once ,and see the onc with bloods done every three months .
I had a liver scan done recently as my onc does´nt like the results of the blood tests , have a mamo this week and have appointments with onc , surgeon and radiologist end of October , which is slightly before one year after dx .
Very happy with the treatment , except there is no bcn to ask questions of .
Perhaps there is no advantage in more frequent visits , scans , mamos etc . But once you´ve had bc reassurance can be a wonderful thing .
I know I am now apprehensive , and until I see the onc in October with the results of all these latest tests I shall continue to worry .
best regards to all ,