Yesterday at 45 y.o my life changed

Two weeks ago I was told that they were 80% sure that the biopsy they had taken was nothing to worry about, yesterday I became part of that 20% group.


To say yesterday was totally unreal is an understatement. The consultant seemed very positive and even used the word cured but all I heard was cancer.


So the diagnosis is that I have ER positive BC, which after having another scan yesterday thankfully has not spread to my lymph nodes.


My next appointment is next Thursday when I need to decide whether to go for a full mastectomy or lumpectomy and radiotherapy.  Although the advice was that full mastectomy was overkill.


I also have a complication as there is some sort of growth on my liver which was picked up by the CT scan and then MRI scan I had a few weeks ago.


The AFP liver cancer test was normal, and as my lymph nodes are clear they are fairly certain the cancer hasn’t migrated to my liver. But they are unsure what it is. 


Tamoxifen has been mentioned to delay any further growth of the BC until they decide what to do with my liver. 


2 - 3 weeks was mentioned as a timeframe for the operation.  


I spent last night telling family and friends and it was at that point it became very real.


I hadn’t cried much at all yesterday but today the flood gates have opened. I phoned the NHS prescription line to see about the exemption and the very helpful girl said Paula I hope you go into remission soon. I couldnt put the phone down quick enough. She was actually talking to me, I have cancer, me how can I! This happens to other people!!!


Anyway I’m so thankful I’ve found this forum but I hate that there are so many of you that have been touched by this bastard disease. 


Ah Ptt23


I have just read your post, oh my I do so understand you.  It is early days, and it is such a shock, I think I went into complete denial.  I am 4 months past active treatmnet, and can honestly say my life is back to normal.  Like you on those first days and weeks I never thought it get better,but it does.  Hold tight, there will be lots of new terminology and jargon.  What I would like to say is if you are having your treatment on the NHS, most people report an excellent service.  I would have to say mine was exemplary, the NHS at its best.  YOu will be looked after by a multi disciplinary team who will look after you all the way.  It is frightening at first, but I got through it, and I never thought I would in those early days.


Outcomes are very good for early diagnoses BC, and it sounds like that is what they have said.  Keep well, and keep talking. xxx


I’m in a similar situation to you in that I was diagnosed yesterday too and I am finding it hard to comprehend all that comes with this diagnosis.

My cancer is not hormone positive and has spread to my lymph nodes so I am scared out of my wits as to what may come.

I had some very helpful replies here from people offering positive stories and ways to keep calm until treatment starts.

Sending you lots of love and hugs at this really difficult time xxx

Thank you. The worry for me is that it has spread elsewhere (via the lymph nodes) so I am now awaiting a CT scan (having it in 9 days time) before they can determine the stage my cancer is at.

My mind just keeps wandering to the worse case scenario ?.

I wish you all the love and luck I can muster (from Wiltshire) xxx

Rosietd - I’m in Chippenham. 

Rosietd- that is really kind of you. It may be a while until I’m in the place where I can meet people and talk about it in public (mostly I’m still in a very dark place and cry as soon as I try to talk about it). Definitely stay in touch though xxx

Morning ladys


Just wanted to pop in and say hi to you all and wish you all the best with treatment and recovery, im 11 days post op, im fairly close to some of you, im oxfordshire near raf brizenorton.


Debbie x

I am 49, told Thursday I have BC. Have 2 weeks till appointment to see specialist. Have been so tired and lathargic past few months Think it’s the worry taking over now although I put it all recently down to my underactive thyroid

Hi Lillymay, the past few days have just been a nightmare for me so my heart goes out to you. The ladies on here are so friendly and have all been through what we are starting to go through now. Reading through the posts gives you so much helpful information and helps put things straight in your own mind.  


My follow up appointment is on Thursday and I know this is going to be the hardest longest week ever. Hugs that you can stay strong for the 2 weeks until your appointment.  The ladies on here will certainly help you. Xx

Lillymat and Ptt23


Here are the tough pants, nicely laundered as you can see they are fresh off the line :), they will get you through the week and we will all be holding your hands virtually


Helena xx


tough pants.jpg

Thanks ladybowler. Back at work today so hopefully that’ll destract me. I hardly slept a wink so today is going to be hard.

Thanks Annie, really really appreciate the words of support.

At work but wanted to get a few things out of my head.  Had a call with my nurse today as the MDT meeting was yesterday to discuss my case. 


Upshot is, they are putting me on Tamoxifen until they have found out what the growth is on my liver. They think it is unlikely, given that my lymph nodes are clear, that my cancer has spread, however, they cannot be 100% sure.


The AFP test I had done, came back normal but as the growth is 6 cms they are concerned.  She said it is probable that I will have to go for a biopsy.  So more waiting. And my lump removal will not be done until they decide what is happening with my liver.


It never rains but it pours.



Oh Paula ,so much to deal with,don’t know how you are managing at work. Hopefully the 2 things are totally unrelated and there will be another explanation for the growth on your liver .Hopefully if you need a biopsy it will be done soon to put your mind at rest on that worry anyway .Keep offloading here .Jill.

I had the mirena coil and they said it was up to me if I wanted it removed - i had it out purely because having hormone receptive BC i didn’t want some alien thing in me producing progesterone so it was more psychological for me x

I made the same decision as you Alex, I also felt that it was something I could take control over.x

I had my mirrena removed as my bc both oestrogen and progesterone posited x my decision but discussed with my bc nurse and decided to have it removed x

Well this afternoon just had some really good news. They have decided that the 6cm growth on my liver is a benign adenoma. So they can now start getting dates sorted for treatment of my BC. 


What a relief ? !!!

Fabulous news xxx

I was crying when she told me, such a relief.  Now roll on next Thursday when I am seeing surgeon to get operation date.