Yesterday diagnosed with triple negative basal breast cancer

Hi I am new …start chemo next Thursday before any surgery. Just so new and anxious. Would love to know some experience


Hi sarahmummy… It is scary when you are first diagnosed.

I was diagnosed a few years ago with non-basal like triple neg… But basal like is much more common than non-basal like. Having chemo before surgery gives a good indication of how well your cancer responds to chemo… Most triple neg responds very well to chemo (usually better than hormone pos bc) and in some cases it can shrink the cancer completely.

There are monthly chemo threads under the treatment menu which you will probably find helpful. And hopefully a few more tnbc ladies will post shortly to share their experiences.

If you are under 40 with tnbc you will normally be offered genetic testing to see if you carry a faulty brca 1 or 2 gene as gene carrier are more likely to get this type of cancer.

Good luck on thursday.

Love Lulu

Hi lulu34, Thankyou so much for your response. I am getting better at using this site and seem to not see all replies. Good to hear how you are and how things are for you. I have had my 2 nd chemo and trying to remain positive. My oncologist was very positive about tnbc response to chemo but the more you read …
Lump hasn’t shrunk yet spparantly but hair has gone and sickness not too bad. Keeping everything crossed and happy to share experiences with any ladies out there starting chemo xx

Hi Sarah,
the monthly chemo threads are good as the woman are at similar stage of treatment. i just rejoined the Jan Newbies myself.
I am TN, but dont know if basal or not. i dont think it makes much of a difference at the moment as - unless there are trials - i am not aware of any specific basal treatment.
i had neoadjuvant chemo in 2011 and quite liked the fact that we could see how/if the cancercells responded. it gives a warm fuzzy feeling when hopefully the tumour melts away :slight_smile: - and you can see it actually works! if there is no evidence, you can just hope, the bad cells are attacked by the right poison - especially for TNBC ladies.
Good luck!