Yet more advice needed please :)

Hi ladies,


I’m sorry to be asking such stupid questions but I’ve no confidence in my BCN so I wondered if any of you could help?  The first one is about my post-surgery wounds which were black and are now all yellow and green around the incisions - is that normal for day 3?  


2nd question is about bras.  I bought a front-fastening Royce bra specifically made for breast surgery but they didn’t make any in my size so I got an E/F cup when I am actually a G cup so my boobs are being squished by it.  Is that going to affect the shape of my poor mangled post-surgery boob? Would I be better off with something else or by going without a bra?


Final question, what’s the best way to keep the breast/armpit incision areas clean?  I was told it was OK to shower but not to soak the areas.  So far I’ve just wiped round the incisions with a bit of water and an antiseptic wipe but is it OK to use Simple soap or something equivalent on the actual incisions?


Thanks for any help ladies



Oh golly gosh Sharon

1st my boob went bright greeny yellow bruise and still is now in  new place. they just keep on going!


I used face cloths initailly in my arm pit just used to soak them in warm water and gently clean, especially under arm, then pat dry with a very soft towell

Then i started using Simple so I squirt a little(very small amount) Simple shower stuff onto face cloth and gently dab, then the same with fresh water then pat. I was told not to get wound wet for some time though, it was more a case of keeping ‘fresh’ and dry.

Didn’t actully do anything to incision areas until I was given the go-ahead on friday (2 weeks after event) as they are glued

As for Bra - well my BCN was really good there but mine was a different op to yours


Hope it helps


Thanks Beryl, very glad to hear that the colours are normal!  I’ll give the armpit a go with Simple tomorrow but stay well away from the incisions for now and I guess I’ll just have to make do with the current bra as I’ve searched high and low and can’t find anything in my size so this is the least worst option! :slight_smile:

Hi Sharon
Bruising colours normal xx
I also used flannel and water on under arms . Also stayed away from incisions until got checked - when do u go back ? I was fortunate to have district nurse visiting so she changed my dressings and gave it a clean with a wipe . On healing more I’ve been using johnsons baby soap but this is because I suffer from excezma and this has always been the only soap I can use - post op now ive started pealing so am going to start to use a moisturiser but am still avoiding the wound areas x
Bra wise - as you know I do t need a bra now (actually quite liberating!) but there was a time I was going to and then my bCN said many women were happier in a sports style bra like a sloggi for the first few weeks post surgery might be worth trying that? Nicola Jayne and it’s all about the girl are good websites wher u might be able to get something more supportive in the right size ? X
Hugs to both of you x

Thanks Sarah, I’m due back next Thursday to get my results but not sure I can face the surgeons/my BCN again as I am so disappointed in them so far.   I’m going to ask the hospital to send me my pathology report and if it says more surgery is needed I’ll transfer to a different hospital but if it is chemo and/or radiation I can stay at my current hospital as it wouldn’t involve any further contact with the people I now mistrust (and it is the only hospital within reasonable travel distance so I don’t want to transfer if I don’t have to).





Hi Sharon - my consultant gave me a copy of my path report at my meeting - I hadn’t asked for it he just said ’ would you like this?’ - I was ’ ok’ - I’m really glad I got it though as was able to read it all afterwards and make sense of it all so I agree it’s a good idea to have a copy. It’s such a shame you have had such a hard time - are you still unhappy with how your Breast is looking now it’s settling down a little? It sounded like they had to take a bit more then planned so hopefully that will be the end of your surgery and like u say new teams for the next bit if required x you take care x s

Washing the wounds or even looking at them wasn’t an option for me, as I was tightly strapped into a huge dressing for two weeks. I washed the more accessible bits of armpit with warm water and a soft flannel. It was a bit itchy round the edges of the dressing. When the dressing came off, the scars were knitting together well.  I continued with just water on the scars, with a clean flannel each day, and a little gentle soap on the armpit.


It will be fine!

Hi, just seen this post. My plastic surgeon recommended a Macom post surgery bra. You purchase the band size and the cups stretch from aa to h. I purchased 2 a beige and black one. I was a j cup and so worried about what bra to get as I had no idea what size I would be and I could fit my boobs in before surgery They are front fastening and comfortable. I am still wearing mine for sleeping and lounging. Might be worth checking their website out.
Re showering, I was told to shower and avoid getting wound area and tape too wet but use a hairdryer on cool setting to dry the area. I managed by holding the shower head and avoiding the wound area as much as possible. It was a bit of a faff so I tended to only shower every second or even third day strip wash but use baby wipes instead around breast area on “dry” days. X Stella ps my bcn support has been non existent really x

Stella you’re a life-saver, ordered some Macom bras as soon as I read your post and it’ll be such a relief to wear something that actually fits!  Thank you so much xx


Hi Beryl, sorry you’ve got some pain and I suspect your GP will say it isn’t anything to worry about but I would go anyway just to be on the safe side.  If you can’t get in to see your GP quickly, could you go to your local pharmacy instead as they are pretty good with this sort of thing and will say if they think you need to go back to the hospital.


Probably being over cautious but I think that is better than letting a potential problem become an actual problem.



Hey Sharon,
I don’t feel confident giving you advice on 1 or 3, but I can tell you that I’ve used the jodee mastectomy bra line and LOVE them, if they don’t have the size you need- they can get you one. they have the forms, suits, everything mastectomy related. Every time i’ve had a question, they’ve been so helpful and you can do it online to avoid the finding someone near you… check 'em out love! all the best Sharon!