Yet more bad news!

Sorry, I only ever seem to log on and post when I have bad news…arghghgh.
I’ve just been for my 6 month check up and my recon (LD in 2003) is now looking terrible, after rads in 2005 and two more lumps cut out, I don’t suppose I should be surprised. But the nipple is now like a melted jelly tot and is spreading into the recon and the colour ranges from bright pink to dead skin - it’s just so depressing. I’ve sagged and still have pain from the recon, and am seriously considering asking for it to be taken off now.

The ONC told me that he wasn’t/isn’t unduly worried, he said that last time I felt a lump and I had to have surgery, but I’ve to see a surgeon on Tues for a biopsy, I’ve just had enough and I know it’s moaning and there are folk worst off, but it’s really getting me down now.

My hubby, very supportive, says (very little most of the time) at least when it was done it looked fabulous…it now looks totally false and saggy and is as hard as a rock and sore to touch.

Any advise?


Hello, can’t give you any advice I’m afraid, but just wanted to write and say how sorry I am that you are having such an awful time. I think it’s today that you have a biopsy and hopefully you have been able to talk things through with the surgeon. Don’t for one moment think you shouldn’t be moaning, it must have been incredibly disappointing and depressing to go from having a new breast that you were happy with to the changes that you are experiencing now. Thank goodness you have a loving and supportive husband, and I guess that’s the bottom line - the you you see in the mirror is important, of course, but the real inside you is just the same person as you ever were, just as loveable and wonderful and precious. Get good advice and I do hope that you can end with an appearance you are happier with. But keep loving you. Good luck. Sarah x

Thanks for your post, appreciate it. I’ve seen the surgeon and he’s taking me in for a “general” on 4 march and cut out more bits for testing. So will have to wait and see what that brings and then make the decision.
Was hoping for a BC free year too, oh well.

Thanks again