ying here - thanks for support

ying here - thanks for support

ying here - thanks for support Hi

Thanks for all your replies - Olivia you give me hope. I know I am very lucky in that they have caught this THING early but you can’t help being scared can you and I feel so well at the moment - it’s hard to come to terms with it. I feel so humbled having read some of your stories and your still going strong. The specialist told me I will prob have radio followed by Arimidex as he suspects my lump will be hormone sensitive. How long after op do you start radio ?? Hugs to you all xxx

Hi Ying

I am glad that you have caught the b c early, it is scary, but you will find the strength to get through and share your experiences with others who will join after you, I cant answer your question about rads, but wish you well with your journey hope that it isnt too much of a roller coaster

Much love Lucy xx

Yingy - it was so long ago I cannot remember exactly when I started radiotherapy but about a month - once the wounds have healed.
I used to go early morning before work - it is very quick apart from the first session. Do let me know how you feel when you start Arimidex. I have been on it for 6 days and feel good. Keep smiling.