Great news received today. After my two breast conserving operations and my lymph node removal, and recent good news that no cancer in second operation site and no cancer in lymph nodes, today I

 Have been told that I will need hormone treatment for 5years and radiotherapy but wait for it…no chemo!!! Im feeling one very blessed lady.

I hope that by sharing my good news that others on here will see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Now I need to go to the next board …treatments, and get some help and advice and tips from the ladies going through radiotherapy. Next stage of my journey to survival,

:smileyhappy: xxxx



Great News - well done. 

Don’t forget to look in here sometimes though - I do


Thats wonderful news. Onwards and upwards.  I have 1st op myself on Wednesday,  so nervous but hope for a good result. X

Aww, delighted for you!  



That’s wonderful news Loobylou111 xx

Brilliant! it gladdens my heart to see a post entitled “Yippee”.  As said before, don’t forget us after you graduate to the “Big School” board :catvery-happy:


Rosie xxx

Wonderful news love it Judi xxxxxxxxx

Thank you, new to the forums, but I have learnt so much from everyone. X

Great news loobylou! So pleased for you. My op Wednesday too giugi. Hoe goes well for us both! Think I am more worried about the guide wire localisation as I will have to be awake for that! xxx

Evening, ladies!

I guess you’re looking forward to a sleepless and starving night?

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow- update us as and when you’re ready.

I know it’s scary stuff, but it’s a huge step towards a healthy future

Love and very best wishes

Rose xx

I am so pleased for you …I am having my op on the 3rd March a small grade 2 lump but I also have Dcis so will probably need a mastectomy … That doesn’t worry me as much as the thought that the cancer has spread … Does anyone else worry a lot about that …stupid question really xx