Well ladies, that MUCH LONGED FOR day has arrived. Yes, I have finished my chemo! Had EC dose 6 last week, am back on my feet 'n feelin really upbeat now. Just rads to go. Before I join that new gang, I just want to say a HUGE FANKOOOO to all you lovely ladies who post on this site. You have been such a huge support for me and it has helped me cope with all of the tough stuff that goes with this terrible treatment. Now I am soooooo looking forward to getting my hair back and for all the other horrible side-effects that I have had to put up with for 5 months disappearing. I am just fed-up to the back teeth with my bruised & inflammed arm, infected eyes, black toe nails, upset stomach/gut, mouth ulcers etc etc all of which we are just expected to ‘suck up’! When u are in the middle of it, it seems like a life sentence but I can tell you, IT WILL END!!! I feel brill and believe me there have been a lot of days this last while when I thought that I just could not cope any more. I will still be thinking of all of you in the coming weeks and will visit again to check on all of you. Now as a final post, I am also going to start a chat on ‘Music for Chemo’ which I hope will get some responses - I found that listening to music when floored with chemo really helped me

Well Done!!!

It will be me in 13 days time and I cant wait(how sad to look forward to chemo!!) but ya know what I mean.

Good Luck with Rads.


Hey Anoush

Its a great feeling aint it - I had my last chemo 2 days ago - I know I will have my ‘down’ week next week buts its great to know thats it finished. I still have surgery then rads to go.

Really happy for you
Hope rads go fine

So very pleased for you, its given me hope! Best wishes for the future. Alison x

Congratulations - it must be a wonderful feeling. Well done for coping and sharing your feelings with us - it gives us all hope for the future. Love and hugs.

well done, know how you feel !

Diane x

Great stuff Anoush. I finished four weeks ago to the day and it was brilliant! So pleased for you.

Lots of love and may your hair come back quickly in the right places!


Not far behind you… 6 more days to go… Yeeha! And roll on 2008!

AliS x

Well done Anoush…and to everyone else going through this barbaric treatment, be proud of yourselves!

I had my last chemo 15 days ago, unfortunately I’m still waiting for the side effects to ease from Taxotere, so I’m far from ready to paint the town red YET…but it’s a great feeling knowing that the chemo is at least over with.


Thanks for all your wishes and congrats ladies - Ali & Lynne, good luck with your next and then you will both be done - it is a great feeling! Fiona, do you have a date for your surgery yet? I will be thinking of you - you will have that behind you soon enough and then just Rads, Alison, Siboney and Diane, thankyou for kind words, I really have appreciated all the kindness from this forum, Dilys, I will let you know about the hair - it maybe wishful thinking but I think I can see a teeny tiny wee eyebrow appearing -hooray! Justme, are you feeling any better yet? I am sure you will pick up - it is hard to be pateint though isn’t it? I have been quite tired - I think it has all hit me after my last chemo but looking forward to getting onto the Rads - if you know what I mean. LOL
Anoush XXXX

Hi Anoush

I have my surgery on 10th - gonna meet with surgeon this Friday to discuss what extent of surgery he is going to recommend - scary stuff. Hopefully I will be semi ok for xmas then roll on the rads in the new year. At least these next 2 stages are not as drawn out as the chemo so hopefullly they will pass before I know it.

Do you know when your rads start?

Thinking of you and everyone else

Hi Anoush

Congratulations on finishing your chemo - must be a wonderful feeling to know you have got through to the end. Hope you are going to celebrate!

I have my last chemo on Wednesday, taxotere no. 3. So will celebrate no more chemo, but probably have to wait til the 2 weeks have gone by and the aches and pains, and yukky mouth have gone, but will be there soon, and posting like you.

Well done you and lets all look forward to 2008 and hope it is a better year for all of us.

Take care