You can do it! I did!

After 15 long hard months of gruelling treatment, 6 x FEC, 4 x TAX, 4 operations and 20 lots of radiotherapy, I have finally finished treatment today. No more appointments now for 4-6 weeks and then see the surgeon in December to discuss reconstruction. So for now I will attempt to resume normal service once I’m not feeling so tired!
I would just like to say to anyone who might be reading this and just starting out that it is do-able. This last year seems to have flown by. It’s not pleasant by any stretch of the imagination but it is not always as bad as you might read on here. Remember, a lot of people post on here when they are having a bad time and need advice or a boost from others who know the score. In the grand scheme of things I haven’t had too bad a time with side effects so I wish you all luck with your treatments and hope you get through with as few side effects as possible. Listen to your body, drink plenty, accept help and remember its all a means to an end and it will end, sooner than you think. Debs XXX

From one Debs to another Debs - thank you for this!

I am more than halfway through chemo, 4 X EC and 4 X TAX with surgery and radiotherapy to follow. I follow the posts of people who have walked the path before me with great interest.

Thank you for the heads up!


Thanks Debs. Good luck with the rest of your treatment and surgery. After chemo, radiotherapy is a breeze. You get to lie down for 15 minutes every day and it doesn’t feel like anything is happening. A bit like having an xray. Just a machine making a lot of noise and at least no-one is injecting you! You can do it girl!

So happy for you to be finished, it must feel amazing :slight_smile:

Thank you for posting today, I had my first of 6 FEC and it’s so nice to read that it will be doable, I have far less to go through than you but it’s good to see that folks can be ok.



You’ve caught me a bit down tonight. I’m 8 months dx tomorrow, but am moving along. 6 fec-t. 3 ops rads planning soon. Good on you Buzzy :o) x

Hope you’re feeling better soon elttiks. It will soon be over for you too xxx (hugs)

Well done Buzzy ,what a journey you have had. I am so pleased you have finished your treatment ,what a huge acheivement!!
I get chemo no 5 next week (hopefully if bloods hold up) when i had no 4 said i werent having anymore as i suffered more .But here i am again hoping to get another one over.Once the first week has passed think the other two weeks give you time to prepare for next time.
Its great to hear from someone who has managed to get through it all ,you should be congratulating yourself.
Thanks for your positive post and be kind to yourself you have been through so much.Take care Love Sharon xx

Thanks for posting buzzy, glad you are out the other end and getting on with things. Its great to read posts like yours. I was dx 16th august, had lumpectomy and starting chemo 14th october so still fairly new to all this. Im finding the fear of chemo fading a little bit with a lot of positive posts x

Hey well done Buzzy. it’s great to hear from people who have got through all this. I’m still fairly new and waiting to start my chemo but it does help knowing that in a few months time I should be moving on. I too am hoping for a reconstruction in the future.

Well done Buzzy! I’m just a few months ahead of you, and like you can say I got through without any major problems. Hope all goes well for your recon - I had mine done immediately with my mx and it’s fab (or fabby as they say in these parts)… just waiting for what my PS calls “finishing touches”.

Hope you have a way to celebrate in an appropriate way… can feel a bit of an anticlimax I found, but each new day becomes a celebration of life (ooh, going all philosophical now!)

thank you for this buzzy I am at the beginning of the process, pre-op assessment next week, lumpectomy week after followed by 5 weeks radiation. It feels like I will never ever get to the end of it, I am feeling positive but drained by it all it really screws with your head, so posts like this really help I woke up feeling a bit low but this has turned my day round thank you so much x


Thanks buzzy, I have only been diagnosed a few weeks, have my mx 13th oct. Woke up this morning feeling rotten and this has given me new hope.

Take care M

Well done Buzzy, a lovely post. x

Well done Buzzy! I can agree with all you say. I have also emerged and am moving on now.
DX Jan 2010 followed by bilateral Mx, right ANC and six cycles of FEC. I have now completed my DIEP reconstruction and am determined to get on with life and enjoy it to the full.
Last year was really cr*p, chemo indescribably awful but thankfully no rads. I coped and so will all you others just starting out.
There is plenty of help - just dont be afraid to ask. Chemo #4 was my lowest point but they gave me complementary therapy (reflexology and aromatherapy)which really helped - and I got there!
Now determined to live life to the full.
Good luck to everyone!

Hi Zaccycat,funny you should say about chemo no 4 being your lowest point .I wasnt going back after chemo 4 i really hit a low but here i am getting ready for chemo no 5 on thur.Just expeacting it to get worse with everyone but deep inside hoping it doesnt.Coped pretty well till no 4.
Its lovely to see positive posts on here though as you think you will never get through it and heres proof that you can and you do .Many thanks from all of us still going through this.Love Sharon xx

Thanks everyone I’m glad I could give a glimmer of hope to a few still struggling with treatment. Good Luck to you all XXX