You going off sick well it's a bit inconvenient

Had a meeting with a manager and they were delivering mixed messages. Pretending to show empathy for my breast cancer diagnosis by saying things like… it’s important you take your time to get well. Then in the next breath suggesting flexible working,  Which I took to mean - do you really need to be off sick? 

hi Rita,
Well presumably they need to let you know what the options are as well. Everyone’s different with employment needs. Some prefer the distraction, others like myself, prefered to be off, whilst others have little choice but to carry on as much as possible.
With a cancer diagnosis, we are covered by the equalities act, which means employers have to make ‘reasonable’ adjustments to our work situation, so do seek advice on here or macmillan if you need to.
do take care
ann x

Hi RitaB

Breast cancer and work - the understanding of your employer and those you work with is a very challenging area. It is so good that you have posted, whilst, of course, also so sad that you have to find yourself in this place. The forum and the many different threads with the wonderful ladies here to support you may be a real help to you - as you go through the various stages on your treatment.

It may be that you have misunderstood your employer. It is rare, that flexible working is suggested from the outset. And it is exactly what should be offered to you. It is challenging to judge whether, how much, how often and when you need to take time off. So having that offer is very good! Your diagnosis, the treatments, which are appropriate for you and the effects they may have on you can, unfortunately, not be foreseen. Every single one of us reacts differently and hence needs time off in different ways.

You may wish to explore these links


Sue x


Hi RitaB


Wow, your employer may have been trying, albeit clumsily, to give you choices and support.


However  to err on the side of caution get on touch with McMillan. They are so helpful.  They kept asking me as to whether or not I worked.  Even after I told them my job was a hobby and had only a few hours.  They worked out that I should have been entitled to SSP.  I went back to my employer and they, after checking, agreed.


I was told were there any problems then I would only need to call the helpline and they would intervene.


As yet I am awaiting, with baited breath, payment.  But I suspect it will come in one big dollop, including back pay and then continue monthly.


Thank you McMillan 

Since making previous comments manager wished me well. Wow gob smacked and surprised. To be honest, I’ve been angry and upset and convinced I’m about to be given very bad news. My treatment hasn’t started yet and I’m in the horrible waiting stage. Yesterday, I moved slightly forward by the fact that I now know what treatment is planned which is Chemo, Lumpectomy, Chemo, Next step, a body scan which I’m worried about. But I’m treating the lumpectomy as positive news which I know seems crazy… Trying to avoid stories in press or TV. Other than that everything is hunky dory well not quite but not as angry or tearful  Thanks for comments, hugs etc.