You will all get there - keep pressing on!!

Hello, Girls, I have been on this BC rollercoaster since Christmas and am coming to the end of my treatments. I saw this today and wanted to give you the encouragement to not give up. You will get there!!

Hi Ali, thanks for this just what I needed this morning. I had a mastectomy and reconstruction with full ANC two weeks ago. I’m off to hospital today to get my drains out and the results of my lymph nodes biopsy and the rest of my treatment plan. Knowing people are reaching the end shows that there is light at the end of this journey. Thanks for sharing xx

Hi I have also been going through treatment since Christmas. I have only got 2 more cycles of chemo to go and radiotherapy to start but at this moment in time it feels like there is still a long way to go. I’m fed up with not feeling normal, indigestion, hair loss and everything revolving around hospitals and treatment and not being able to plan anything very much. I know it’s a blip and I will get there. I am still able to work and very well supported but just feel a little tired with it all and right now just want it to be the end.


I did the Polesden Lacey Pink Ribbon Walk on Saturday with my husband which was an amazing day and up lifting and I keep thinking of that day and feeling hope.


I read Victoria Derbyshire’s article this morning and it really resonated with me although I have not had to go throgh reconstruction as well.

Just wanted to say thank you for posting the link.
I enjoyed watching it.
Sonya xx



Yes, we will be here - 


Many of us forgot about this brave lady - and she will have her 10th anniversary very soon