You will never guess what?

My hair is growing BIG TIME.

I am so pleased for you!!


Margaret x

Lets crack open a bottle of the best shampoo!

Yipee, so so pleased for you.
Louise xx

Brilliant news!!
Anne x

When i started to write to the makers of Taxatere i also started taking Brewers yeast and after a couple fo weeks VOILA. Didnt want to get too excited just incase but when i looked in the mirror today i just couldnt help it. I have been emailing photos of my head to mum. I have now increased my tablets to 4 a day instead of 2 so heheheheehe i am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy.

that’s a super tip. Fab, is it curly, straight or different colour from before? Do tell

What wonderful news!! After all this time - that’s wonderful.
It’ll be a shock to wash it again - i couldn’t believe how expensive shampoo was but so exciting to wash it again!!

My hair is much thick than before!

Its darker than before and straight BUT i have enough to have to shampoo. My god how exciting.

Really really pleased for you Pineapple, after all this time.
My hair came back much darker, thicker and curlier…I didn’t realize just how much I missed it until it grew back!!

Like many others I have followed your story, and am delighted to hear your great news…really made my day!

So pleased for you Pineapple I can imagine how excited you must be!!! I still marvel at my bonce each day although its curlier than before its hair!!!

Clare (S)

Fantastic news Pineapple - you’ll need a new name now!! :wink:

That is amazing news pineapple,I have thought of you often and am so pleased for you.Love horacexx

I’m so delighted for you Pineapple, what great news!!!

So pleased for you Pineapple after all this time - just shows some of these ‘alternative’ therapies do work.

thats amazing news Pineapple,i am sopleased for you.


What Lovely news pineapple, so pleased for you.

What brilliant news WOW im so pleased for you. You must be thrilled to bits.
Love Lindiloo x

Pineapple that is the best news I have heard in a long time, I am overjoyed for you. Miracles do happen !!
Take care