You will never guess what?

Wow -that is the best news .Its been a long time coming.

Im so pleased for you .


righto then pineapple all we’re waitin’ for now are my eyelashes and eyebrows !!! I am so glad that you are sprouting and it is straight mine looks like pubes stuck on me 'ead. lol. … on the subject of pubes I have them in a large circle and a big bald patch in the mi Eileenddle. I could pass for one of them fairground freaks they had in Victorian times. I always pretend I don’t care what I look like but I won’t go into the village and shop at the next one. I feel so ugly but small price to pay I feel quite happy otherwise, and there’s always hope that I might look a bit like I used too. Reading this I sound so sorry for myself but not altering it… love to everyone spring round corner yipppeeeee Eileen

Would love to see a picture, I can’t imagine what a hairy pineapple looks like!!!

I’m really pleased for you.


Tears of joy!


Marilyn x

Fabulous news! So excited and happy for you!

Just seen this, and I can’t tell you how pleased I am for you Pineapple! You’ve waited a long time for this little miracle and I hope it soon grows into a mane to be proud of!

Eileen, I bet you are gorgeouser than you think! I believe I remember your pic when we used to have profiles on here, blonde hair and wearing walking shoes??? I had long blonde hair before all this, and now it is two inches long and grey with brown bits…very disappointing, but at least it’s hair!


Thanks girls, i am convinced 100% its the Brewers yeast.

Eileen I dont have eyebrows either!!

Absolutely bluddy fantastic! I’ve followed your posts for a long time.

Pass the tissues…

Love Linda xx

Hello pineapple , How long after the treatment had finsihed did your hair start to grow?
I have white stubble at present!!! I would love to get rid of the wig!!!

I am really pleased for you. I remember how upset you were and how little sympathy you got from the drug manufacturers.
Great to hear of this little miracle !

Oh pineapple,

Cried a little tear of happiness for you.

What absolutley fantastic news, so so so so pleased for you. Bet you can’t stop looking at it!! Good for you, you deserve it.

Love Deborah.xxxxxx

Pineapple that’s marvellous. I’m so pleased for you.

take care
Love Anthi

So pleased too…just realised that yours was a special ‘my hair is back’ post. Maybe you could sell the brewer’s yeast solution to the manufacturer’s of taxotere…at a price of course…


Dear Pineapple

Just saw this having pm’d you yesterday! What absolutely great news! I can’t tell you how delighted I am for you. I am off to get some Brewers yeast, and will keep my wig for myself! You have made my day with this news.

Lots of love


What great news Pineapple! I’m still waiting for hairy armpits!

Love from Josie

What wonderful news ! so, so pleased for you. I was following your thread when you were writing to the makers of Taxotere and their awful reply.

I shall try the Brewers Yeast myself. Had taxotere and hair growing so slowly, grey, straight at the sides and like a brillo pad on the top. Eyebrows and lashes not growing either. Been rubbing tea tree oil in !

Take care and keep posting with updates !

Liz xxx


Have been following your story - am so glad you now have a happy ending/beginning!


Hi Pineapple

That is such great news! I’m so pleased for you! Didn’t want to brag about my thatch of curlyness but now I can… Is it curly?

Cecelia. x

Thanks for all your lovely comments.
I dont want to speak too soon as i still dont know if it will ever be enough to go scarfless but i have huge hope now!
For about a year i have had about one inch of normal (well not fluff) around each ear. At the top was about a teaspoon of fluff and thats it.
But after starting these brewers yeast - SUDDENLY this same heair around my ears goes right up to the bit of your head that goes round! THEN i have instead of bit of fluff i have a light covering of lighter real hair where the mohican strip bit would be. At the back there is a COMPLETE light covering of real hair.
You can still see my scalp all over but the bit from ears upwards is getting fairley thick!!! oh god how exciting.
All the different areas of my head seem to have different types of hair and the sides look black and the top and back look fair. I was natural redhead.
It all looks straight - so maybe i am skipping the ‘chemo curl’ stage out.I even shouted a loud YAHOOOOOO when i saw half a dozen silver hairs sticking out of the top.
If it gets thick enough to go without a scarf - i will let you know about my first outing.