Hi everyone

Just wondering if there are young mums out there under Basildon Hospital?

I am 35, I was diagnosed in Feb. 08 with 2.1cm Grade 3 triple positive. I had Lumpectomy, Sentinal node biopsy, 20 x Rads and am on Tamoxifen and Zoladex.

I have 2 children under 6 who although keep me busy and take my mind off things, I also fear not seeing them grow up.

Feel like I am the only one in my area going through it, and resent everyone else in school playgroung for being “normal” and not sharing my fears.

Be nice to hear from someone similar.

Hi Poppet39

Thanks for your comments. You say you are on Herceptin but no mention of you having chemo. I was told I couldnt have the Herceptin without chemo first, and to go through all of this would only make a 3% difference in stopping it coming back, so I opted not to have it, oncologist said if it was his wife he would say not to have it too, as I wanted to be able to look after my children and felt the chemo would prevent this somewhat. If I could have had Herceptin alone then I would have. How old are you? Where are you from? Was the hysterectomy to do with bc? I am thinking of having ovaries removed soon instead of continuing zoladex.


Hi lolly73

Your not alone in Basildon i’m here… older than you 46, my children are grown up and still live at home, but i still constantly worry. I was Dx june 07 had Op then 20 rads now on arimidex. Was at breast clinic last week as have been getting alot of breast pain, they scanned me next day they still seem to think its after effects of rads.

I look at all my friends and think why was i the one, but then why not…


Hi Jo

Thanks for your reply. I too get a lot of stabbing pains in my breast which I have been told is from the rads, but then mine only finished in May this year, would have expected your side effects to have stopped by now, just shows how long it can go on for. Do you have days when you dont think about hte cancer? I find I dont go a day without it on my mind, been a year in feb since dx.

Hi Lolly

I am near you. I am being treated at Southend hospital, but have all my scans etc at Basildon as I live near Lakeside. Unfortunately I have secondary liver too. I was 40 in March this year and have a 5 year old daughter and 2 year old son. I was diagnosed in July 07 with both bc and liver mets unfortunately, and since then, I finished chemo November 07 and have been on Herceptin ever since. My next scan date is 9th Feb.

I understand your fears and the day to day of constantly thinking about it. As for your comment about the playground I feel exactly the same to be honest.

Anyway, take care and speak soon.

Hi lolly

Its always there i’d say every day i think about it and i’m 18 months on from Dx. I go through times when i feel acceptance of it i can can cope other times i just feel scared. How have you found staff at Breast Unit?

Dawn just wanted to say it must be very difficult for you, i hope your scan results are good news. Take care


Dawn, will be thinking of you on 9th Feb.

Jo, I find the staff busy! Dont seem to have much time for you unless just been dx. You?

Sorry for delay in answering friends dad was taken into hospital last night, got out of there 2 this morning.

Yes about the same when they do talk to you they are very understanding, but have been there and breast care nurse has’nt even noticed i’m sitting there.

Hi Jo and Lolly

I take it you are both under Basildon Hospital then, which BCC nurses do you have there. I rarely contact mine to be honest, except when I get paranoid and need action!!! And definitely had the “not notice me sitting there” experience.

Hope u are both well and had a lovely christmas and are ready to celebrate NY Eve.


Hi Dawn

Happy New Year wishing you lots of good things, and to you Lolly.
Same here very few times, when i do i speak to Larn and i’ve seen June Hurley when i’ve seen Onc.Nice ladies but always so busy.


Happy New Year Jo and Dawn. Havent posted cos been away, took kids to Butlins for New Year.

Jean is my BCN but when I go every 4 wks for my zoladex she is usually busy and I end up seeing Larne!!


Happy new year to u both too. I see Jean every time I see Dr Trask at Orsett for my checkup, and she is very nice. My BC Nurse is Karen, but dont really ever see her or chat to her. But every time I have needed her help she always been there.

Hope u had a fab time Lolly, which Butlins did u go to - Bognor. My OH use to run that forwhile the but the commute was too long and thankfully the house we were buying fell through.

Take care both of u

Hi Dawn

Yes we went to Bognor, its great there for the kids. Trying to do as much as poss and enjoy ourselves more since dx. My boys are 5 and 2, the same age as your 2. Are they back to school Mon? My eldest is back Mon and trying on Tues to get my youngest to go to playschool, although didnt work in Sept! Do you work?

Hi Jo

Are you actually in Basildon? I am in Laindon. Do you work?

Hi Lolly

Glad you had a nice break. I used to live in Laindon but since divorced live in Pitsea, i work full time which i struggle with sometimes but needs must. Mind you i’ve got a week off end of Jan which will be nice.

I also see Dr Trask at Basildon all nice, just busy!

Hi Lolly and Jo

Hope u both OK.

Lolly, Sophie is back to school on Monday, thank goodness, she needs it so much, to burn off that energy and boy do i need it too. Gonna find out about putting Jack into preschool next week, as can go for 2 sessions a week from age 2, so will have to find out, and think my OH gets the voucher things through work to help pay, or however it works.

I actually go to Laindon every wednesday too, not sure if you know the place, but we go to Stay and Play most weeks. Also had both their birthday parties there.

I dont work, got made redundant back in 2003 before found out was pregnant with Sophie, then became a full time mum. Got no family around to help with childcare, so never gone back to work, although sometimes I would like the opportunity just to change the scenery and day to day monotony if you know wot I mean.

Jo - dont you think Dr Trask is really nice. Very touchy feely, but so sweet and kind. I see him at Orsett as I said as nearer for me. All my CT Scans etc are at Basildon but have Herceptin at Southend.

Speak to you both soon

Hi Jo and Dawn

I see Dr Trask also!

Dawn, I live near Stay and Play, and had my sons party there too! How come you come here, is there nowhere nearer to you at Lakeside?

I understand the monotony! I only have my mum for childcare, so I too havent worked since I was pregnant in 2003. Did you have a primary that returned in your liver or had it spread from the beginning?

Got to get ready for school, speak soon!

Hi Ladies,
I too live in Laindon. I was dx bk in Feb 06. Aged 41. Two children then yr 6 at merrylands and 16 just left school.
I am also under Dr Trask. I didn’t initially like him. But after having spoke to him at length i really trust this guy as I put my life in his hands.
Initially diagnosed Feb 06 with IDC - Grade 3, 3cm tumor left Breast.ER+ PR-. Herceptin +.
DID EPI-CMF 4 x Epi. 4 x CMF. 15 RADS.
Full radical Mastectomy and immed recon. Recon failed - Lat Dorsi.
Taking EXAMESANE daily.
Was seen at Basildon Nov 08, will be seen again in 6 mths.
Breast Care Nurse LARN, fantastic - no problems. JEAN also brilliant.
Perhaps we could all meet up in Basildon Starbucks, girls for a coffee?
Oh and Happy New Year to you all.
With Love

Hi Ladies

Yes Dawn he is very much so, i always get a kiss form him, but think his great and very understanding.
Nice to hear from you Tracey, Starbucks sounds good, but obviously you ladies go for it as I’m at work.I have a week off end of Jan so we could have a meet then if you’s fancy?

Hi All

Lolly, we go stay and play cos we like it there and there isnt actually anything in lakeside as such and we found that stay and play was great when kids where younger, especially when jack under 1. We used to go timbuk2, but then found stay and play just after it opened. Jack loves it there as does Sophie, but she getting little bit old for it now. We normally go every wednesday about 10.30 til 1ish, so can get home for sleep before picking up from school.

Unfortunately I was diagnosed with BC in July 07 and then told 10 days later, after having ct scan, mri and bone scan that had already spread to my liver. So double whammy for me. Even Dr Trask was shocked, as I had no symptoms wotsoever, apart from dull back ache along lower back, but put it down to lifting Jack up etc.

Love to meet up, but would need notice, so can sort out having Jack taken care of, like getting his Daddy to have day off, otherwise would have to bring him along too. Now that would be fun … ummmmm!!!

Loved the snow this morning, shame its all going now. Just sitting down for hours peace. Ironing done. Tesco just delivered, Jack sleeping and me, time to have rest!!!

Take care and speak soon

Hi all

Tracey, would love to meet up, but like Dawn just said, I need to get someone to have my 2 year old so we can have peace!! Get back to you on that.

Dawn, I go to a Toddler group on Wed mornings but it finishes at 11am, so maybe could pop into stay n play on our way home one day? Do you go with friends, or on your own with Jack? Ive just finished ironing too - all the clothes from Butlins! Son having nap before school run.

Speak soon