Young Womens thing Bristol Feb 26/27th


Wondering if anyone is going to this and needs a lift from the Cheltenham area or plans on getting the train and fancies sharing a taxi from the station.

Em x

Bumpity bump bump bump

Hi fairyem,
am going to the young womens Bristol thingy too!!!

I live in Twickenham and will probably be driving - not sure if Cheltenham is on my way, will have a look.

Look forward to seeing you there though either way!!


hi em and al, im also going bristol, realy looking forward to it, the hotel looks lush!
im traveling from somerset but staying thursday in bristol with relatives so no joy with lifts and things, just wanted to say hi and make myself known.
see you all there!

Any of you young ladies want to join us in Spain, still a few spaces left! Whole hotel to ourselves…

If interested get in touch…

Love Teresa xxx

Hi mandy - look forward to meeting you on friday.

Theresa - am very tempted but think you are planning on going in term time and I’m a school teacher so wouldn’t be able to get the time off - thanks for the invite though, can’t wait to hear all about it - bet you have a blast.


Yay nice to know of others going.

I think I’m going to get the train, my chemo got delayed so I’m having it today and it usually takes me til about Saturday to feel up to doing anything so maybe driving isn’t the best plan. Plus getting the train and a taxi to the hotel is cheaper than parking at the hotel for 2 days! Just hope I’m vaguely with it for the thing. The pool looks well nice, how annoying I can’t use it, not sure they’d go with a me wearing a dry suit and scuba tank to avoid getting bugs.

Is everyone else just going with jeans/casual look or do you think we’re meant to be a bit smarter for dinner etc?

Right guess I should go face the chemo monster, it’ll be 4 down 2 to go.
Em x

I am going to the forum.
I am staying over in Bristol on the Thursday night, in a different (more affordable) hotel just up the road.
I will walk to Marriot on Friday morning.

I am really looking forward to it. Hope to see some of you there.


ive put on so much weight i can only wear elasticated trousers now lol!
hotel does look a bit posh, i shall try for the smart casual look…but i will probably get it wrong, got no dress sense!
i have invested in a swimming cap for my baldy head, hope there are a few others who will go for a swim with me.
should be a laugh!

I’m coming too and staying at the future Inn on thursday night very near to the shops i hear so hopeflly will visit them that night. I’ll be taking mostly cas but may try smart cas for the friday night. I’ll also take my swimming stuff may scare all the other people away with our bald heads!!!

Look forward to meeting you and seeing Rach and Al again

Gina xx

Hi All

I was going to be joining you this weekend but a trip to Austria snowboarding just snuck in there ahead of it on the priority stakes. Sorry I won’t be meeting you all and to enjoy a weekend away relaxing and getting tips about how to deal with these awful hot flushes.

Hope I can go another time, have a great weekend,


Hi all,
I’ll be there too but getting the train up on Friday morning from Taunton. Will keep an eye out for headscarved ladies at the train station to share a cab with. Or maybe walk if it is not snowing! It’s only about 15mins from the station on foot.
Re clothes I was planning casual casual all the way but maybe I’ll sling in a pair of heals just in case eh? I have just finished rads and was told it’s probably best to avoid the chlorine in a pool - anyone else told that? I quite like the idea of loads of baldheaded swimmers - like the witches on holiday!
Really looking forward to meeting you all,


Anyone know how to do injections?! They were meant to reduce my chemo today but have given me granocyte jabs to give myself instead, to start on Friday. The district nurse would come and do them but as I’ll be away she showed me how to do it myself. My travelling light plan isn’t going to work now I have to bring a sharps box!

I shall be bringing my swimming cossie with me, even if I just get to dangle my feet in the water. The bald head will be making an appearance, I want to get one of those really flowery swimming caps for when I’m allowed to swim again.

Maybe those of us getting the train can arrange a meeting point to share a taxi. Usually walking that distance isn’t an issue but who knows what effect the chemo will have this time. My train gets in at 8:40am.

Em x

Hi Em,

I did the injections to myself and am happy
to do yours, but one of the girls who is coming is a
nurse and am sure she would do them for you.

See you Friday


ooo fab thanks, just be nice to have someone there to do it or make sure I’m doing it right.
Em x

Hope you all have a great time. I went on one in 2008 and it was a great tonic to meet other young women with young children going through the same as me, not that I would wish it on anyone. Where I had chemo and rads everyone was a generation older than me.

Have fun

I know it sounds stupid but I’m really nervous about going. Incredibly excited to actually meet other women with BC but nervous. I like the idea of dangling my feet in the pool though. I really miss swimming now I have my PICC.

Anyway, apparently there are 40 women going, so I’ll be the one skulking in the corner! See you there.

got to admit it ladies, im sooooo looking forward to going to bristol and meeting you lovely lot, it will be great to chat to people who understand how im feeling without me having to think ‘am i boring you, …are you realy interested or just being polite’
i say, lets have a real good laugh as well as learning new things!
i shall stash a bottle of wine in my case!

Hey Mandy - I think I’ll join you in stashing a bottle of wine or two! Great minds!!

Yvonne - I know how you feel, will def look out for you and say hello - we all have so much in common.
Getting quite excited now!!


Yvonne there will be no sulking in the corner thats not allowed.
And Al only 2, i’ve seen what you stash in your suitcase lol.

Looking forward to meeting all you lovely ladies

Gina xx