Young Womens thing Bristol Feb 26/27th

Oh god i wish I was going with you all!!! I´m so envious!!! I know you are all going to have a ball, just have a toast on me, sitting here bored bloody stupid!


Em - my train gets in at 8:55 I think so happy to meet up with you/ anyone else and share a cab - I can’t think of a really obvious place to meet at Bristol Temple Meads other than just outside the front entrance which is basically where the taxis go from anyway. How will you recognise me? Well, I look like I have recently had chemo (!!!) - overweight and with a head scarf. Fabulous.
Seems like some of you guys already know each other - how come?

Jessgp i know Hurdygurdy and mummytumbles as we were part of the group that went to centre parcs in january don’t know anyone else yet but looking forward to meeting you all, someone else who knows how i feel

Gina xx

Hi all I’m coming from south Wales on the train and it arrives 8.55 ,so will keep a look out for a taxi buddy ! .so looking forward to it . Feels like a real treat .see you Friday Xx

Meeting at the station sounds good, I’ll prob have on a blue buff or a wooly hat with a peak and bobble! Plus I expect I’ll have a Greeny colour coat on. I’ll also be the total space cadet as only had chemo on Monday and it makes me vague as anything.

Very much looking forwards to it.
Em x

well ladies, im off now to my nieces in bristol, having a girlie night at hers tonight, look forward to meeting you all tomorrow, i will be the one with the hangover lol!!
safe journeys everyone x

Just about to pack my case now!!

Really looking forward to meeting everyone. I’m leaving London at 6.00am tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed the M4 is clear and someone save me a seat if I’m late!


Hi, just wanted to say that I hope you all have a FAB time!!

I am going to the Glasgow one in a few weeks so will be looking for any tips from you guys after you come home!

Be warned - Rachel (Mummytumbles), Gina (Peppa) and Ali (Hurdygurdy) like a bit of a drink heehee but they are all wonderful ladies and I am proud to call them my friends!!

Have fun!!!

Shenagh xx

Have a great time girls!!! I attended the Birmingham meet last year and it was fab! Enjoy every minute!


Thinking of you all, have a fantastic time, raise a drink to us who can´t make it.

Love Teresa xxx


Lovely to meet you all this weekend. Had a fab time.

Em x

Hello everyone hope you had safe journey home . I had a wonderful time meeting you all , it was truely inspiring to be part of such a fab group of women …thankyou to everyone ! Heathly eating back on track tomorrow after I have finished this glass of red .look after yourselves girls, take care Bridget xxxxx

Hi girls - it was a fantastic weekend - thank you BCC for organising and supporting us all. Ourlovely volnteers Helen and Emma were sooo lovely. If anyone has chance to go on one of these forum weekends I can only say go for it!!!
Thanks againa nd it was great to meet yo all xxx Rachel xxx
p.s. I was a total light weight (again) and back in bed by 10.45 pm lol

Hi All, I had an absolute ball too. It was great to meet you all. I am so grateful I have had the opportunity to meet so many women in a similar situation to myself. I no longer feel on my own on this journey.

Thank you Breast Cancer Care - Hip Hip Hooray


What a great weekend. Many thanks to bcc for organising. I took away some very useful new info and have made some lovely new friends. I also got to see my wonderful cp buddies rach and gina - love ya girls.

If you are considering going then you really must go - it’s fab.


Hey Girls!!

So lush to see faces I recognise!!

I had an awesome time meeting you all and what a laugh I had with you to!! I am aching all over from the pilates and exersizes but t’s a nice ache so hoping to get back into something active in a couple of weeks!

I’m a lightweight like you Rach, went out last night to a funky club ( 1st time I’ve been out in public like that for 8 mths) and had to have my mates keys to go back to hers early…11pm I was in bed, while everyone else came home at 3am!! Pleased I managed to socialise!

Missing all the coffee and cookies and mountains of food!

Big hugs Row xx

Hi Girls, wish we all had longer so I could of spoken to more of you !! Was a lovely weekend to get away. Loved the hotel. too much cream/cakes what the hell it was good to stuff and veg out. Pilates was good you should have a go at Yoga great way to keep in shape and stretch.
Love the pink Wig Em why didn’t you wear it !!

Hi girls,

It was lovely to meet you all. I am so glad I was able to come. I learned so much from you!! Thanks for sharing your experiences!! Hopefully we will meet up again!

Lots of love, Sophie

PS Thank you so much for organising this BCC!

Hello to all the lovely Marriott Babes!

It was lovely to meet you all, and it went far too quickly. Hope you all got home safely and without incident. I got so much out of the weekend and was so glad I went. How did you all find it? I’m hoping that somehow we can stay in touch, to check on each other to see how we’re getting on. Hey Marcia I am going to order that ‘Cancer Vixen’ book on-line this week, thanks for letting me know about it. Yes I do love that pink wig too Em, you really should have worn it.

I’m the same as some of you - I was tucked up in bed by 11pm last night, as I was thoroughly exhausted! I found it a bit of a rollercoaster weekend - one minute I was laughing and the next I was tearful. I think I was more relieved that I had found others I could connect with.

OK ladies, do take care of yourselves and I’d love you to stay in touch. Thanks also to the volunteers and organisers. They were just stupendous :slight_smile:

Tanya x


Thanks for compliments about pink wig, I had it in my bag the whole time, I should really have got it out, lazyness I guess!

That Cancer Vixen book is fab, highly recommend it. The support unit at my hospital has a copy which I borrowed.

I woke up on the sofa at about 10pm last night so took myself to bed very early too. I didn’t think I was that sleepy but I must have been mentally tired.

Em x