Younger women forum Leeds

Hi just wondered if anyone on here will be going to this? Am new to all this and would really appreciate anyone in my area getting in touch xx

Hi Butterfly83 I am also new to this - just registered on here today. I’m not aware of the Leeds younger women forum and would like to find out more. Do you have info you could share with me? I am 33.

Just wanted to say that I went on the June one darn sarf in London. It was excellent. Not only were all of the seminars really helpful and interesting, but meeting so many girls in the same situation, worrying about the same things was really carthartic. I also met a few girls that I am in regular contact with and a couple I meet up with weekly.


I have attched a copy of the programme for the Younger Women’s Forum in Leeds, please don’t hesitate in contacting us if you would like a registration form or have any quesions or queries by either calling 0845 077 1893 or emailing <script type=“text/javascript”>eval(unescape(‘%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%59%6f%75%6e%67%65%72%77%6f%6d%65%6e%40%62%72%65%61%73%74%63%61%6e%63%65%72%63%61%72%65%2e%6f%72%67%2e%75%6b%22%3e%59%6f%75%6e%67%65%72%77%6f%6d%65%6e%40%62%72%65%61%73%74%63%61%6e%63%65%72%63%61%72%65%2e%6f%72%67%2e%75%6b%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b’))</script>

Best wishes

Thank you for your kind comments Sandytoes.

Yeah I got the information on it thank you for it think I’m def gonna go. It looks like I might get to meet a lot of people in a similar situation to me , which is good as sometimes feel like I’m the only one! Cupcake queen when were u diagnosed? Are u from Leeds? Xx

Thanks all - will take a look at the info. Butterfly 83- I was diagnosed in August and have had 2 operations (lumpectomy and medial shave) and due to start chemo soon. I am in Leeds. What about you? x

Hello to both of you, I’m also new to the site and in Leeds. I’m 25 and def gonna go to the forums in January. Good to know there’s people around that are similar age to me - i feel like the only one!

Cupcake I’m in huddersfield… Are you goin to jimmys for chemo? I’m goin there for my radiotherapy. I was diagnosed at the start of sept so been really quick am so greatful for that xx

Butterfly 83 glad it’s moving quickly for you. It’s been very quick for me too but have had time to make my decision re chemo. Have you also had surgery? I am having chemo at home then radiotherapy at Jimmys. Have you been to Breast Cancer Haven in Leeds? I have been going for a few weeks and it’s a great support centre and has complementary therapies. x

Cupcake queen I had my surgery 3 weeks ago had lumpectomy and sentinal node biopsy still feelin sore. Did u have to choose whether to have chemo or just where to have it? I’m a bit worried cos everyone who’s my age with the same grade and stage cancer had to have chemo and I’m not. I’ve heard about the haven my friend who’s in her forties went yesterday am hopin to go but am a bit nervous about it to be honest.
When are you having your radiotherapy? Xx

Hiya Hannah. Yeah your right it is nice to know your not the only one. Have you had your treatment/s? Have you booked the forums yet? Xx

I’m over near Manchester but I don’t think they do this forum in my area so I think I will come along to the Leeds one

Butterfly - I know it seems scary but it’s worth being strong and the people at The Haven are really nice. You get a one on one consultation with the manager (ex breast cancer nurse) who recommends treatments tailored to you. I am going tomorrow for reflexology… I would be happy to meet you there if you really don’t want to go alone? They also do an intro day where you can see what they have on offer. It’s definitely worth going. I have found it has shown me how strong and positive I really am which is a surprise to me! I have also learned that treatment is so specific to you - I wouldn’t worry that you are not having the same treatment as others. I was recommended to have chemo (i don’t think anyone would chose it!) and having it at home was my choice. It’s important that you understand everything about your treatment and do what’s right for you e.g. I was told to have a mastectomy by some professionals but my surgeon recommended additional shave which worked and now I am cancer-free.

Hannah - it IS good to know there are others in a similar situation and in our age group as we probably have different issues/ questions to others. You may also like to look at The Haven - they have a good website.

Lizzy - be good to see you over the pennines! Have you had your treatments yet?

I am going to book onto the Leeds forum in January.

Hi everyone,

It’s nice to find so many friendly people on here. I’m also booked onto the Leeds 2 day forum in January. I’m in Nottingham and was diagnosed in October last year - coming up to the first anniversary of finding my lump in fact!

I was diagnosed when I was 38. I’m now 39am married but have no children. I’ve had the following: Chemo Therapy, then mastectomy with tissue expander and delayed recon, then Radio Therapy and am now on Hormone Therapy x3 and have a PICC Line.

I’ve had a lot of serious additional complications too since diagnosis. I’m looking forward to the forum, but am already feeling quite anxious and emotional about going and meeting people. It’s good to hear others are nervous too. I know we’ll all get a lot out of the event and maybe even make some new friends in the process.

I’d be glad to meet up with others on the day as well, to save doing it alone. Just let me know.

Rebecca x

Hello all
I’d just like to re-iterate what Cupcakequeen said about the haven in Leeds - ive been going for a few months and as well as helping me with side effects with complementary therapies, it’s just a lovely place to go. Everybody is so friendly and welcoming and I find that whenever I’m there I forget about everything that’s happening to me - it’s well worth a visit! And like cupcakequeen said, it’s helped me realise how strong and positive I can be and above all else it’s just nice to meet others outside of the hospital who are going through the same.

Butterfly83 - I’ve had surgery in April (lumpectomy), chemotherapy and almost finished radiotherapy. Also have to carry on with herceptin and tamoxifen. I hope you find your radiotherapy ok, all the staff I’ve met at st James are really nice and friendly which makes it so much easier when you have to go everyday!

Little Meg - I’m going to book onto the forum tomorrow, Im not sure how many people they have booked on but I’m also feeling a little emotional and nervous about it so would be keen to meet some others beforehand so it’s not so daunting!

All-I would be happy to meet up beforehand if that would be helpful. At the haven might be good to intro those of you who haven’t been yet? Have sent in my booking form for the forum tonight x

Hiya cupcake queen- you’re right about not worrying I rang my breast care nurse yesterday because I got a phone call from my GP asking me to come in for an app so was really worried so rang her she said they just want to talk about what happened an don’t know anything I don’t. Anyway also asked her about me not havin chemo and u were right she explained why I wasn’t having it and feel happier about that now.

Am gonna ring the haven today to book in for an intro day. Did you go to a special younger women intro day or just a standard intro day?

How is everyone finding the hormone treatment? I’m a bit worried about the menopausal side effects from that!

Am up for meeting before the forum am going to take a deep breath and fill in my form today! The one thing I’m hoping cancer makes me is more confident!

Hi butterfly-I have already been on the haven intro day(I just went by myself and met some nice people). It’s really good-it’s a general one but they do have a young women’s group which I will start going to in January (full til then). Glad you have more info about your treatment-I have asked so many questions about mine and a friend said to me to always be happy (or understand!) what is being proposed rather than imposed on you.

I’m not having the hormone treatment just chemo as triple negative-but may get some some from the fertility preservation treatment I am having in advance if the chemo and am a bit worried about that too. I think there are ways to ease it eg relaxation, homeopathy etc. But we can get through it together! x

Hi butterfly - I’m on the hormone treatment and so far finding it ok. Been taking it nearly a month and I think the only thing I’m experiencing is hot flushes. I was expecting severe mood swings etc but seem to be ok… Maybe that is still to come! The hot flushes are manageable, mainly affect me at night though am starting to get some during the day as well. The haven do an ear acupuncture group which is supposed to be really good for hot flushes so I’m thinking of giving that a try.

Cupcake queen - have you started your chemo yet? Do you know which drugs you’re having? I’ve finished mine now so am at the other end of things but I had shiatsu at the haven, which I’d never heard of! But it helped me with some of the side effects.

Anyone reading this would think we’re on commission from the haven! Haha!

Hi Ladies

Just wanted to advocate how fantastic the Younger Womens Forums are. I went to one in Manchester in May and it was brilliant! The info was great but the opportunity to meet and make new friends is invaluable. All of us who went along to Manchesters have stayed in touch and have since been out a few times.

Can’t recommend these events enough - its the best non-medical support you’ll ever get (in my experience).

All the best.

Deb x