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Wanted to join in and say I am going too!, this is first time I have posted. I signed up for the Forum in Leeds January 2012. I am from Sheffield and there is nothing in my area so this is the nearest one for me. I think it will be really good to meet other younger ladies in a similar situation as so far, apart from reading about others online - I have not met anyone. I too am a little nervous though.

I am 31, i was diagnosed last March, finished Fec-T chemo in August, had R mx and lymph node clearance beg of September and just in to me second week of rads. I am on Tamoxifen and also Herceptin until June 2012.

Really, I was in a bad place before diagnosis as 6 months previous I lost my my baby daughter (stillbirth at 37 weeks - she was beautiful!), so having lost my daughter I am now facing issues about the possibility of ever having children -this is the worst part for me.

Take care everyone, x

Hi JellyB just wanted to say how sorry I am for your loss.
I’m from the other side of Hudds near Sheff/Barnsley. It is isolating havin breast cancer so young. I went for my planning meeting for rads today and the 3 women that did it were about the same age as me which made me upset and angry that I have to go through it at my age. Anyways what I wanted to say was it’ll be good to meet up with others in a similar situation. Maybe we could have a meet up before the forum? Take care
V x

Hi Butterfly83 and JellyB. I have just been diagnosed and I am waiting for my treatment plan. Im 35 and have 2 young kids. Finding the whole thing very very scary and really come do with contacting people in a similar situation. I am in Sheffield too.
Just want to get on with my treatment.
Thinking about going to the forum but will have to see where I am with my treatment in jan

H x x

Hi Butterfly83 and Hinchy,

Butterfly83 - how are your rads going?, I am on week 3 now, I don’t feel comfortable enough to wear a bra and am feeling very low about my body shape at the minute. Yes, we could meet up before the forum, I am not used to how things work on here so not sure how I go about passing on my email to you.

Hinchy - I am so sorry that you have been diagnosed with bc, those first few weeks waiting for the diagnosis, having all the tests and all those feelings is such an anxious and scary time, do you know what your treatment plan is now? I think it would be good if you could make the forum in Jan, I wish I had met others of a similar age at your stage but yes I totally understand - you will have to see how you are feeling and where you are in your treatment plan, there is a strong chance if you need chemo that you wont feel up to it, I know I probably wouldn’t have but everyone is different and it may be just what you need at that time. Maybe you would like to meet up too?

Jelly B- haven’t started yet! Hopefully starting on Tuesday. How have you found it? Know what you mean about feeling low about your body!
Hinchy- how are you feeling? It’s a massive shock I know. Have u found out what treatment your having yet?

Butterfly83 - just wondered how you were getting on with your rads? I finished a week ago, got sore towards the end but was I was not really prepared for how sore it has been afterwards, ( worst bit for me is under the arm) they did tell me a bit briefly after my last session but then they kind of just leave you to get on with it even though after its finished is when you need more support, my next review with the radiotherapy consultant is February, areas of my skin have started to break down now and I have had to get some special cream to put on them, I have also felt a lot more tired than I did while I was having the treatment but I think for me its the combination of lots of treatments finally just wearing me down and I don’t have any reserves, I am sure maybe in a few weeks my skin will pick up.

Hi Butterfly

I am going - I am from Leeds

So far am going ok had 11/20 saw onc yesterday seemed fairly pleased with it. I’m finding it mentally hard though had a hellish weekend which ended in me phoning breast cancer care at bang on 9 on Mon morning. Skin not broken yet getting a bit red though now.
hope your skin improves my friends skin broke towards the end and she got some special dressings with silver in to help speed up the healing process maybe you could try to get some?

Hi again everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while. I sent my application form for Leeds off and have been accepted onto it too. I’m sure I put a message on here, but just noticed it’s not there??

Anyway, I’m travelling from Nottingham. There isn’t a nearer one for me. Anyone else from Nottingham?

Hi little Meg

you can find your message on page 2 of this thread

Best wishes

Hi ladies, I am not new to this site but not posted on it for a long time now since I was diagnosed on the 7th Jan 2011. I have now finished all my treatment and I am going to the Forum. Look forward to meting you all. I am 33 and live in Leeds and like everyone else its good to know that I am not the only one because it so feels like it. Those ladies from Leeds are you staying over in the Queens. I am going to ( I think ). Wishing you all the best with your treatment.

Just another quick note from me I spoke to Emma the organiser for the event this afternoon and there are currently about 23 booked on with space for 30 but the spaces are getting booked up quickly now. I too went to the intro day at the haven and it was brilliant the Haven is such a wonderful place. I would also recommend the look good feel great day held at the Robert Ogden Centre at St James (another great centre). This is really popular and have about a 2-3 month waiting list. You get a full bag of great makeup and beauty products (worth about £300) and shown how to apply it was amazing.