younger women forums - should i go?

Scan came as a result of a meeting with my onc when I told her of a persistant nagging in my ribs. She just told me that after BC any unexplained pain which continues more then 2 weeks should be investigated.

Wood burner sounds lovely in this cold spell.

Hi All,

I really wanted to go to the younger women’s forum but was on chemo when the last one to me was and couldn’t go…

I’ve just started radio and should start Herceptin or a trial drug soon and have been on Tamoxifen for a couple of weeks…

Its hard because I still haven’t actually met anyone my age in person and it makes such a difference… this forum has been such a life saver!

Erin x

Hi Erin, So you are through the bit im on too… Iv picked the sheffield one for similar reasons, I can’t imagine getting to one further afield whilst on this regime. The old me loved to travel so this chemo must be bad!!! Do you think you might sign up for the sheffield one too. It would be good to chat here before hand if you do decide to go. Good luck with the rads by the way and hope you don’t get too many side effects with the Tamoxifen- not that i know anything about it but noticed there are threads to follow when my time comes.
God its late and i should be in bed…
Ness, thats interesting about the investigation process… and encouraging. There is so much to learn here from each other isn’t there?

xxx carmel

Hi Carmel, just wanted to let you know that I have today sent my completed forms off to attend the Sheffield Younger Womens Forum, so see you there if you attend. Ness

Hi ness, my forms came through yesterday so i will do likewise. Exciting stuff… Im quite looking forward to it actually, especially because I have my final chemo 10 days before… Ill be ready to think about the next stage and take on all the info available. xx carmel

Hi Carmel,

I’ve called and asked for the forms today for Sheffield so I should be going… it’s a bit of a drive for me but its the closest one so would be lovely to actually meet someone I’ve spoken to!

The radio is going ok but I’m already a bit pink… or medium rare as one of the radiologists said today, lol!

Can I ask what stage you are at, etc… I’m 24, was dx in May, had a lumpectomy, 6 x TAC chemo and now on radio for 5 weeks… should have my last one on Xmas Eve which is really good.

Erin x

Hi erin, good to hear you are going on the sheffield forum, Ill def see you there… Just flick back on this thread and you’ll see my history which i shared with ness. Im older than you but still feel young to have BC, so can’t imagine what a shock it must have been for you. I hope you’re friends have been supportive. Sounds like you are ploughing through treatment. Iv heard that rads aren’t too bad but not sure i like the sound of getting cooked. Where are you… north or south?
xx carmel

Hi Carmel,

Yes my friends have been amazing… most of the time! I have two best friends I’ve known since I was knee high and one of them didn’t take the news and acted as if it wasn’t happening… especially when my onc thought my cancer had spread into my chest and told me if I had a tumour there I’d only have a few months to live and she acted like I’d told her I’d just eaten a piece of toast! lol But shes back on board now… and have a lovely bf whose stuck with me and been my constant companion! I hope you’ve had lots of support… its awful to hear some peoples posts who have had such a lack of support from friends and family… I don’t think I could cope with that!

How are you finding your chemo? My wasn’t too bad compared to other people’s symptoms but it took me until my last couple to really understand how to control the side effects.

Rads aren’t too bad but I’m naturally very impatient and I’ve been soooo good through my treatment but because I know the rads end so soon I just want to go in and them give me a giant dose and get it over and done with! lol… i’ve still got to have Herceptin and have my first Zoladex injection tomorrow for 5 years… but chemo and rads feels like the major part!

I live in Stoke on Trent, so more north than south! What about you?

And when reading through the thread I saw that Ness was from Lincoln… I went to uni there… I love it there :slight_smile:

Erin x

Hi Erin
We have some common ground with you knowing where I come from and of course the dreaded BC! But I just wanted to share a piece of information with you regarding your Zoladex injections that noone told me before I started! You can get a cream (only on perscription I think) called Emla and it has some sort of anasthetic in it and you put it on your tummy an hour before the injection and it numbs the area so you cant feel anything. Just thought Id share that with you, it might be of help - or maybe you are much braver then I am when it comes to injections - Im a right whimp with neadles so its helped my quite alot. Look forward to meeting you at Sheffield in March.
Ness. x

hi ness and erin… good stuff… I won’t be having those injections, not part of my treatment but they sound a bit mean. Im so needle scared its just as well. Glad to hear your friends have been really supportive erin. I suppose everyone reacts differently don’t they and your friend must have been sooo shocked. I wonder what kind of friend id be… its hard on all sides isn’t it.

I’m having a lovely week. My good week. Its like fitting in three weeks worth of activity into one week, madness. I had a few friends round for lunch yesterday who have been through this and we had a lot of laughs talking about reconstruction options (one had gone ahead and the other had a lumpectomy so doesn’t need one). Learnt loads tho.

Chemo is going ok . Iv had one really bad cycle, one not great and one ok so far so im hoping for another manageable epi before i swap to the tablet chemo.

talk soon. xxx carmel


Had my Zoladex injection… it bloody hurt! I think I might have to go for that cream! My GP as well, bless his heart, showed me the needle and was explaining how it all worked and I was thinking… god thats a big needle!

Carmel, I remember my one week during chemo where you feel well enough to see everybody and get everything done! And I found with my chemo that my first one was a shock and my second one was by far the worst, I mean none of them are great but the last four were better for me so fingers crossed…

I’ve had a manic weekend, I went out on a proper night out on Friday for the first time in months and got in at 5am and then was at my brother’s engagement party last night… I’m feeling pretty tired today… but starting to feel like I’m getting back to normal!

When is your next chemo Carmel?

Where abouts in Lincoln are you from Ness?

Erin x

Erin… 5am… goodness, haven’t had that kind of stamina for a while… with or without chemo!!!. Its the only way to party though, so good for you. It must make you feel normal after all this madness!! Chemo again for me thurs which is my half way point. The bc nurse said that time would fly and i know what she means… can’t believe im at this point already. Surgery seems a long time ago now.
Sorry to hear about that mean injection.
Hope all ok with you ness…
xx carmel
ps rotten cold today… I used to be one of those really annoying people who never got ill and never went to GP or had day of work… what a turn around!

Hi guys, I had my first proper night out on Sat, got in at 3am and Im still recovering now!!! Didnt manage to get dressed until about 3pm yest! I thought that was good staminer but not a patch on 5am (Roll on Sheffield Forum then girls!) I had only just finished my last rads on Friday tho.

I have been to hospital this morning for my pre-op for ovaries out next Monday, all ok.

Carmel - good luck for chemo this week, it does go quickly really, just get used to doing everything in 3 week cycles!

Erin - I live in Hykeham, south of city, not far from Asda’s if you remember where that is…quite a long way off all the student action. Dont blame you for getting the cream for next Zoladex inj, thats one part of treatment I am pleased to be finished with (well pleased to be finished with every bit of it as and when another process is done and dusted!)
Bye for now girls.

3am, 5am now thats pressure… Obviously lasting effects of chemo iv heard about don’t stretch to ruining social lives!!! Actually, like you say getting used to living life in three week cycles makes me feel that iv never been out as much because week three is HECTIC… Iv had a great time this week catching up with everyone… getting ready now for hybernation.

Ness, how are you feeling about this next op… with so much being ‘done’ to us i guess you might be resigned to it but maybe its still a big deal… sending lots of worry busting wishes if you need them…

Hi Carmel,
Funny, im not worried about the op next Monday, maybe its just another procedure in this whole thing. The way I look at this one is that Ive had my kids, therefore lucky that that isnt an issue for me, we didnt want any more anyway and after having my boob taken off another couple of little keyhole (I hope, occasionally they cannot do it via keyhole and have to make an incision, spell???) holes doesnt seem that bad. There will hopefully be very little physical scaring, I dont need them anymore, noone will ever know if I dont tell them, no more horrid Zoladex injections, and biggest of all that it is another cancer reducing procedure, so all in all bring it on… Hospitals arent nice places are they, but to be honest I am very grateful to be going back there to once again improve my future survival chances once again.

Thank you for your best wishes, its nice to know that others are routing for me.

Anyway have to be fine as my friend is taking me to London for the weekend to see Mama Mia on the Saturday as an end of treatment treat, so looking forward to it. Actually my social life is really kicking back in now, I have very few weekends left free until mid March! If there is one thing this sh*ty time teaches you is to live life to the full, and thats what I intend to do!

Speak again soon.


How are you both? I’ve got a little sore throat today but not sore if its a proper one or the radio yet.

Good luck with your chemo Carmel, it does go so quick! I remember the first couple seemed to take forever and then it all went in a flash! And I’m sure you’ll be out late when you’ve finished your treatment!

Ness, can I ask if you were offered your surgery or if you asked for it… I haven’t had children but am seriously considering it atm! And I do have a vague knowledge of hykeham but it was unusual to leave the city centre… being where all the pubs are!

I sent my form off today for Sheffield so hopefully that should be all sorted.

Erin xxx

Hi Erin, I asked for the surgery, and my onc was straight on the case, it seamed like she wanted me to suggest it not her, but was with me totally. I have had no second thoughts on the matter, although my circumstances made it an easy choice for me. I feel for you having to make such a difficult decision, im sure that you will make the right choice for you.

Carmel, good luck with chemo tomorrow.

ness, erin… hi there. Its good to hear that you are not worried about this next procedure ness… I too am interested in the benefits of this op. Is is relevant to all women who have oestrogen tumors? Its not been mentioned to me but I guess im earlier on than you… but i would be interested in your thinking about it. I have children and would have loved more but OH has been adament for a long time that no can do! so have been resigned to that for a long while. I feel a bit sad about it but now i have BC I think I would be scared to have more anyway. Im one of four siblings and OH is only child so i guess 2 is a decent compromise… (can’t cope that well with 2 right now anyway!!lol). Of course for you erin, this is a much trickier subject and I hope I haven’t been too insensitive… I really appreciate my good fortune in having two kids. These are big considerations for you Erin… and Im sure there will be people on the site who have made these decisions and can support you.

Changing topic completely… I totally relate to not knowing your student city very well erin… Tut tut. Not untill i lived and worked in sheff did I have any idea what existed beyond the student zone!!

chemo in system now and starting to feel a bit shitty… half way now tho.
xx carmel

Hi both,
Carmel - I dont know if this op is relevnat to all women who have oestrogen tumors for sure, but I would have thought so. If you are of a younger age and still having regular cycles then i would have thought so. Like I said it was not offered to me in the first instance, but I ask too many questions and I straight away could not see the long term benefit of having Zoladex injections for 5 years for my ovaries to then start up working again and producing oestrogen. Didnt really make sense to me, espically when I wasnt going to have any more kids anyway. (same as you, hubby only wanted 2 anyway) But now you know, its deffinately something you could give some thought to so that when the time comes you know what you want.

I have yesterday had a letter from Younger Womens Forum confirming my place on 6/7 March, so will be good to meet up then.

Also looking for a bit of advise actually, have already written it all down on a different thread, your comments would be appreciated. Posted under current issues/hot topics, under the heading, Help, mtg with GP, advice needed.

PS. Still didnt get any snow this week in Lincoln, did you get any in Sheffield?


Just a tiny bit of snow ness… are you a skier or a sledger?? Iv posted on the chemo board about my ski trip i don’t want to cancel to see if i could guage others opinions on taking holidays whilst on chemo. The replies have been most enlightening and Im def set to go now. There are some tough cookies out there… very level headed and pragmatic I reckon.
I discovered your post quite without realising it was you and was most touched, interested and concerned of course to read your post and the replys you have received. I will watch this one with you. Again I want to offer you support in this difficult journey… like the other one isn’t hard enough. The whole thing is very trou ling and you may need to watch how you channel your anger over having BC. I don’t want you to be hurt even though I feel that anger can be very usefull channelled in fighting the system and many have benefited from the energies of those who have battled before us…
My experience was the absolute opposite of yours to the extreme so I don’t know if positive tales are what you want to hear right now. If you do want to hear my story happy to oblige. xxx carmel