Younger Women Together - Bristol



Booked a place on the Younger Women’s Together event in Bristol but worried about going alone?


Every year we receive queries from women, including concerns about coming along to the event on their own. Feedback from previous events has said how helpful it was to talk before the event.
This thread is a chance for you to say hello and “meet” others attending the Younger Women Together. I will check in regularly and if you have any questions do let me know and I will do my best to answer them.


Look forward to meeting you later this month


Hi. I’m attending the event next weekend and a little nervous not knowing anyone. On the other hand I think it will do me good to meet other young women who have or are going through the same situation and hopefully make new friends.

Hello, I am also going next weekend and really looking forward to meeting other people in the same situation. I’ve had surgery and 3 cycles of chemo so far, I also have 2 small kids so am hoping there might be a few other mums going as I’ve yet to meet anyone else going through this with a young family.


I’m going next week too and looking forward to meeting others in the same boat for support and understanding.  I see that I’m often the youngest one at clinics and other appointments, so it will be lovely to meet women of a similar age and experience.  I’m 43 and have two small children (age 7 and nearly 5) and have had a mx and 2 cycles of chemo since diagnosis at the end of July. Looking forward to chatting with you all. xx



Hi I am also attending next weekend, I am a little nervous not knowing anyone. However, really looking forward to meeting others, who have gone through/going through the same. I am 37 years old and like many of you I have an 11 year old boy who keeps me very busy.


I have just googled the hotel it looks very swanky can’t wait see you all in less than a week’s time.

Hi there. I am really looking forward to meeting you all (although a bit nervous at not knowing anyone). I’ve recently finished my active treatment (surgery, chemo and rads) and am going back to work in Jan. I am 39 and have a six year old son. I am so glad to have the opportunity to meet others nearer my age than those I have been seeing at the hospital. Anyone else arriving on Thursday evening?
See you very soon



I am also coming along this weekend. I’m 26 and have recently finnished treatment. I’m also arriving on Thursday evening too, so will hopefully see some of you at dinner then. Look forward to meeting you all soon!



I’m going but have to admit i’m feeling a little nervous yet excited. What’s happening in the evening? Do we need to bring something nice to wear for dinner etc?


Many thanks