Younger Women’s Telephone Support Group

Younger Women’s Telephone Support Group – 8 weeks running from Thursday 18th October to Thursday 6th December 7pm – 8pm each week

The telephone support group for younger women has been developed specifically for women in their 20s and 30s who have been diagnosed with primary invasive breast cancer.

Experience has shown that these groups work better if members are between one month and a year on from diagnosis.

The aim of the group is to give people the opportunity to talk privately and confidentially to other women around the UK with similar experiences.

Discussions cover issues such as coping with treatments, relationships, fertility, children, work, money, as well as everyday life.

Many of our previous group members said they’d been able to openly talk about things they couldn’t discuss with friends and family because they felt pressured to ‘be brave’ and not upset the people they were close to.

At the end of the group participants are given the chance to keep in touch with each other if they wish. Many group members are still in contact months and even years after their support group ended.

For further information please contact the helpline on 0808 800 6000