Your thoughts on a new advertising campaign for BCC

Hi all,

We’re planning an exciting new campaign to raise awareness of Breast Cancer Care and help position ourselves as the number one breast cancer charity in the UK. We’ve been extremely lucky to have been offered the support of a leading advertising agency to help us come up with an impactful marketing campaign. We’d now like to share the materials we’ve been developing with you to see what you think. It’s really important we hear from people living with and beyond breast cancer so we can make sure the messages are credible, relevant and motivating.

We are planning to hold two groups on Friday 5 August (11.00am -12.15pm and 2.00pm - 3.15pm). The groups will take place at our offices on Great Suffolk Street in central London. Refreshments will be provided and we will also cover your travel expenses.

The focus groups are for people who have received a diagnosis of breast cancer. We would like to ensure that a good mix of people attend the focus groups in terms of age and other demographics so we would like to ask you to register with an expression of interest in the first instance. We’ll then get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if you have a place.

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Thank you.

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Jo, Facilitator

Just to double-check: When you say ‘people who have received a diagnosis’ do you include those currently undergoing treatment and those who have completed treatment?

If so, I would be available on 5 August.

Hi Jo

You’re not going to get “a good mix of people attend[ing] the focus groups in terms of age and other demographics” if you hold two sessions in London only, during working hours, are you?

If you’re serious about getting representative views then you need to hold sessions around the country and make them accessible so people undergoing treatment have a chance of attending, plus elderly or disabled people, as well as those of us who are now back at work. I appreciate that being a charity you can’t throw money around, but there has to be a balance.


I agree with CheshireCheese. What about us girls up North? How about one focus group in London and one in Manchester or Leeds.

I expect being 11 months post diagnosis I’m outside your remit anyway, but have empathy with those in the north of England, don’t forget those of us in Scotland! It’d be a pretty much a non-starter from Glasgow to London but for those folk in say, Inverness or on the islands …


Hi everyone

Thanks for your feedback.

These two groups are part of wider programme of research that is talking to a range of different audiences across the UK.

Thank you to those who have already signed up.

June, moderator

Thank you June,
Looking back my comments come across a bit negative - my old boss used to say ‘don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions’! I wonder if maybe any use can be made of video-conferencing or skype or some such to draw people in from outlying areas? Not the same as all being in one room, but better than losing out on valuable voices. Just a thought.

i find the west country very left out on these things ,there is nothing in bristol,and london is a long way to travel too especially if your having treatments or if like me you suffer from the side effects of ais etc .such a shame as i feel more people would like to get involved with these days .

I’m in the north too, and couldn’t get to London easily - why not have meetings at your offices up and down the country too? Also, could you add a bit more time onto your lingerie evenings and other events to discuss this, perhaps?

Skype would be great for those of us not “in London”.

My only request re an advertising campaign would be:
for god’s sake don’t make BC seem pink and fluffy.

All the fluffy pink stuff leads folk to believe that BC is cute and a ‘little blip’ and 100% curable.
It’s not, it’s a nasty, insidious, sometimes fatal disease.

ninja… i totally agree get sick of breast awareness month with all the pink , and asda tickled pink , well i support anything to publicise bc but i am not bloody tickled pink to have it !!!i think we just need to push breast awareness and knowing our bodies at ANY age even young girls cos this disease doesnt respect age and doctors dont always get it right so we need to hit home that we need to push push push if we are worried ,whilst i agree alot of people do beat this there are a lot that dont x

who are you trying to make more breast aware?

women–to make them self examine and follow up lumps?(oops! and men)

employers–to accomodate the changing employment needs of people with BC

charities–to make them donate more?

general public-- to stop them saying things like" just be posative’

I would have thought that unless it is a fund raising activity the money would have been better spent in providing services for BC

I suspect this is to help make people more aware of what Breast Cancer Care specifically has to offer, rather than to make people aware of breast cancer. I’m sure all the regular posters on this site would have found it so much more difficult to get through all the rubbish we’ve been through without the support we’ve had from BCC, so I suspect it’s aimed at making people who have just been diagnosed aware of the support that’s available, and to get more support.

As someone who’s found tremendous support from these forums, I’m very much in favour of letting other people who would benefit from the forums, and all the other support that BCC provides, aware of what’s there.

doh!! that makes sense. mmm I live in london, and realy think BCC has kept me sane, perhaps i should give up some time to help

Go for it, YAF, the BCC lot are really lovely people and will be very welcoming.