zoaldex/oopherectomy-any advice


I have just had my last TAC chemo for primary BC and am about to start 15 rads in about 3-5 weeks time…I am also starting tamoxifen in 3 weeks time. I don’t want any more kids so this isn’t an issue…did have 2 nodes involved

I just wandered if anyone had been started on Zoladex nowish (in terms of where I am in treatment) or whether its something to be considered down the line. It is something I am asking for rather than being offered and am seeing the onc to discuss this next week. I just want to do everything in my power to reduce my risk

any comments very welcome


Hi, is your cancer strongly oestrogen dependent? Mine is, I am behind you in treatment but will be having 6 sessions of TAC followed by radiotherapy, Tamoxifen and also Zoladex injections every 3 months. I was told that this was because of the very strong oestrogen marker my cancer has.

Hi I was diagnosed aug 06 have had WLE, chemo, rads, tamoxifen, zoladex. Have also had this year masectomy with reconstruction on both sides because of family history. dont think I can have anything else except ovaries out! The Zoladex I started after my rads and like you was something I felt strongly about because it reduces the oestrogen in your body. I have monthly injections and to be honest I find them quite bearable. The needle is very long but I look away and the nurse gives me a local anes cream on tummy first. You do get hot flushes but they come and go, I would rather that anyway than periods… mine were horrendous and didnt stop all the way through treatment even chemo!! I was told with early bc the monthly injections were better, but every onc I suppose is different.
take care

thanks for comments

Mine is strongly oestrogenic (or should I say was!) so there should be a role for zoadex I guess. I have now been told this would,nt be prescribed until after rads anyway. Are you having your zoladex after rads??

Good luck with the TAC. I’ve finished now. We do have a chat bout TAC on undergoing chemo if you want to join in…or get some info…

Was interested to read your comments bakers as I am going to hav genetic testing soon which will have a bearing on oophorectomy and other boob. So you had a break of a couple of years before mastectomy and double recon… At the mo I have just had single mastectomy without recon. Can you do other side and then have 2 recons at the same time??


hi lou, im 31 was diagnosed last july had 2 lots of surgery was on tamoxifin while waiting to start chemo then stopped it when i started cmf then had rads noew im waiting to start the dreaded taxatere, anyways initally i had been told i woud be on tamoxifin for 5 years however last time iwas with onc he put me on zoladex he said this is better for some one in my situation as the tumour was feeding on the oestrogen so i have 2 injections done so far 1 every 4 weeks and il take it for 12 months then he said he would review it, i was given it while i was taking rads i suppose every onc is different, but im just going to take anything that reduces it.
all the best

Hi and thanks for all comments

As you say it seems to depend on who is treating you, but I had in effect a second opinion and he also is of the view that zoladex is something to be considred after rads also. I guess that is what I must go with at present

So I am having a consultation with him after rads to decide



was dx 2004 , very +ve oestrogen receptors on mine! was started on zoladex with tamoxifen but found I got headaches with this . Had 2 children aged 6 and 8 at the time and decided no more babies for me! So I went ahead and had my ovaries removed- very small op, done through laparoscopy. I was home the next day, recovered very quickly and can honestly say this was the best thing I ever did! No one wants to go through an early menopause but I just saw them (my ovaries!) as something that I didn’t need anymore, and have never felt happier than getting rid of them! No more injections either!!