zoladex and chemo

Hi all,


I was wondering if anyone is taking zoladex at the same time as their chemo is happening? I have read lots of stories of people having zoladex along side tamoxifen but have  yet to read a story about anyone having zoladex at the same time as chemo…?


Hi hopeful.

I asked my Onc about Zoladex to help put the ovaries to “sleep” should I need chemo (waiting for a test result) and she said no, because any stray cancer cells would also respond to the Zoladex & switch “off” so chemo wouldn’t target them. She would only combine it post chemo when I start Tam.

Being seen at Charing X hospital, London and so far they’ve been great & very supportive. Maybe get yr Oncs opinion on it as well.

Krgds Nush xx

My oncologist has also put me into this. Am scheduled to have Zoladex injection every four weeks and chemo every three weeks. He said it will protect my ovaries from the chemo. Am doing 4 FEC and 4 Tax. And have had one so far (including the Zoladex injection). Not sure why Nush your oncologist would say it makes chemo not work. Perhaps get a second opinion?

Hi Hopeful

I was put on Zoladex while having chemo (3 FEC 3 TAX) I have been kept on zoladex while I have 25 rads as well. They are doing this to hopefully preserve my ovaries. I haven’t had too many side effects on the zoladex mostly hot flushes. Hope this helps
Lisa x