Zoladex and weight gain


I was on the 3.6mg Zoladex every 4 weeks but we decided to swap to the 3 monthly 10.6mg one. However since I had this one on the 10th March my weight has rapidly increased. After chemo rads etc, I was about 11st, shortly after starting tamoxifen and Zoladex I went up to 11st8, then gradually I managed to loose it and get down to 11st3. Within the past month I have gone up to 11st10. I eat healthily and balanced, generally less than 1800 calories a day and I do a good few hours of exercise a week, all different types.

Has anyone else noticed more of a tendency to gain weight when on the 3 monthly one compared to the monthly one?

Em x

It’s made no difference with me.

I was very overweight when first Dx with BC and have slowly and steadily lost a bit of weight throughout the following 9 months by eating more sensibly and exercising more, but nothing radical or terribly disciplined.