zoladex as well as tamoxifen?

Hi all

Does anyone know why some people get prescribed both zoladex and tamoxifen?

I’ve been told I’ll have tamoxifen but as I have fibroids I’m wondering if I can get zoladex as well.

I’ve had zoladex for fibroids before but recently they’ve grown back with a vengeance

C x

I am the same.I have got fibroids. I am on zoladex and tamoxifen because this is much safer than only tamoxifen (in my case for my breast cancer) For younger womens they are doing like this. But anyway the best to remove ovaries and uterus. If we would like avoid to secondary we must to remove. Just wery wery young womens and who wants to be mothers for them is allowed the risk.In my case zoladex does not help to reduce fibroids.I am doing zoladex 8 months but they are growing. I will speak to doctor about ovarectomy and hysterectomy.

Hi Zibzab

Thanks fro your reply. Just a month before I was diagnosed with bc I had a mirena fitted to deal with the fibroids and it seemed to be going well. When I was diagnosed with bc it had to come out as the bc has hormone receptors. At the time the gynaecologist did give me a choice of a mirena, zoladex or a hysterectomy so I thought I’d start with the mirena.

I hope to get a hysterectomy once the bc treatment is underway - living with fibroids is a real pain and wears you down. Can you get a hysterectomy soon?

All best wishes

C x

Hi Chicci,

I was on tamoxifen only until my periods started again when i was prescibed zoladex. I think tamoxifen blocks oestrogen and zoladex stops the ovaries from producing oestrogen. I was told that there is no evidence that having both treatments reduces the risk of recurrence compared to tamoxifen/zoladex on there own.There are trials looking at the effectiveness of these treatments but results are not available for 2 years.

Lisa xxxx

Hi Lisa

Interesting stuff. A few years ago I had zoladex to treat my fibroids and felt great on it, and the fibroids shrank, but I could only have it for 3 months because of risk of osteoporosis.

I read somewhere that the adrenal glands produce estrogen post -menopausally when the ovaries stop producing it so both tam and zol sound like a good idea to me!

Hope your treatment’s going well?

Take care

C x