zoladex cant sleep!!!

Hi everyone

Had my 2nd Zoladex inj yesterday and I am sat here at 1.45 in the morning been up since 6 this morning and can’t sleep!! This is awful!!

After lumpectomy and RAD’s last Feb I was taking tamoxifen for 7 months and couldn’t function daily!!

I have a lovely BC Nurse who I cried with for an hour yesterday and she said she has spoke to con who advised if zoladex is making me feel the same I should consider no hormone treatment!!

I know I should be grateful that my cancer was grade 1 and no lymph node involvement (I feel so humble when I read some of your posts on this wonderful site) but I am so scared of it returning

Any advice would be great

Best Wishes
Kay xx

Hi Kay

I have been on Zoladex since September and the first 3 months were awful but it has calmed down now, had my last injection Monday and had more hot flushes this week and feel achey in my joints but not as bad as I did in the beginning. I also take Starflower Oil. Hope this helps



Dear Kay,

I was diagnosed in 2003 with two grade 3 oestrogen-positive tumours. I had a mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and then zoladex and tamoxifen together for two years. I’m now not taking anything.

It may be the lack of oestrogen that is affecting your sleep. I had the same problem. I had to cut out all caffeine and had to refrain from drinking any alcoholic drink post 4pm in order to get anything like a reasonable night’s sleep.

All treatment is a balance between benefits and risks. Talk to your consultant. Ask about the risks of not having hormone treatment. Consider your quality of life. Be aware that there will already have been benefits of taking tamoxifen for seven months and zoladex for two months. (My consultant told me that most of the benefits are early on in the hormone treatment so you may have got most of the benefit anyway. However, I’d check this with your own consultant.)

Hope that this is helpful.

Best wishes,


Hi Kay,

Think I am following you round some of these threads - I posted on one of yours in Sept/Oct about tamoxifen and that I’d just changed to Arimidex and Zoladex. I’ve also started a thread about Zoladex and being an emotional wreck but not had many replies so feel like I’m in the minority with side effects with it.

Yes, I do have sleep problems - I’ll go to bed and then lay awake tossing and turning before eventually dropping off. The hot sweats don’t help either. Last night I went to bed at 11.45 and saw 2am, dropped off til 3.42am and got up at 7.30 to go to physio. Thank God I’m still off work (long story - look under some of the work threads) cos the fatigue on its own would kill me. Have a feeling we work for the same company.

I can’t really come off the hormone stuff because I was stage 3 that was upgraded to stage 4 almost immediately as I have small bone mets and 12/22 lymph glands were affected. I know I could stop them but for me the bc spreading is worse than the side effects ultimately and there may be other medication I can have to help with side effects.

Sorry I can’t suggest anything to help with the sleep but at least you know you’re not alone. I’ve had 4 jabs so far.


Hi Karen -

Thanks for your reply - Starflower oil could be worth a go!! I have researched a bit today and it has a lot of good reviews. How long does it take before you felt any benefit from it? Is it similar to Evening Primrose Oil can take a month?

Hi Sue -

Will talk to con before next jab sounds interesting what you said about benefits from Tamoxifen for 7 months and 2 months Zoladex. I do feel I need quality of life at the moment feel about 98 not 48!! Bit of a wimp at the min!!!

Hi Liz

Sorry missed your post on Zoladex emotional wreck. You are certainly not alone. I am beginning to think none of these blooming hormone treatments are going to work for me. It’s all a vicious circle trying to get back to normal-work etc and this terrible fatigue is awful. Don’t feel much good to anybody at the min. It seems to be rubbing off on other people at the min at home and at work. Feel quite depressed at the min due to this lack of sleep and guilty cos I keep ringing in sick at work.

Thank you all for listening

Kay xx

Hi Liz

Forgot to say I think we work for the same company - lots of uncertainty at the moment! I work in Household Insurance - prob spoke to you before now!!


Hi Kay

It was probably a month to 6 weeks but not 100% sure if its to do with Starflower Oil or just my body getting used to it. I definitely dont feel as bad as I did in the beginning.



Hi liz

Trying to go back to work this week!!

Already feel panicky at the thought. Its got to be Zoladex as I have never felt like this before. (Hope I can sleep)

Think I will have a word tomorrow as I am stressing about reaching targets. I don’t think people realise how this hormone stuff affects us.

Have you tried sleeping tablets?

Kay x

Hi Kay,

Good luck tomorrow ! I would have a word first thing otherwise it will get worse - know what the stress with targets is like at the best of times never mind when you’re not fit not to mention all the regulation ! My surgeon fully understood this and I’m very grateful for that. And get signed off for a decent length of time otherwise you’ll be fretting again - 3 months seemed like a long time to me but it was the best thing I was advised to do.

Haven’t had sleeping tablets ever and don’t want to go down that road really. At least I can have a kip in the day with not being at work. I’m off to discuss my GP response to HR on Tues so we’ll see what they say - it’s someone I’ve never seen before…

Please let me know how you get on tomorrow and remember, cruel though it sounds, you are only a number. I know that after 19 yrs there !!!

Liz x


Hi Liz

Thanks for listening xx

I know what you mean about trying to go back for a few days and then off again. Its like the spanish inquisition when you go back trying to explain to manager who is young and carefree.

My OH keeps telling me to stop worrying about targets but it is hard when you are in the thick of it!!

Never thought about union assistance if I feel pressured!!

Good luck on tues

Speak soon
Kay x