Zoladex & Chemo - Will I ever be a Mum?

Hi Ladies

I am feeling really nervous. I got diagnosed with early stage breast cancer on the 04th April this year and it was rather aggressive so I was placed on chemo (Paclitaxol and EC) by the 27th April. As the cancer was aggressive there was no time for any family planning ie IVF. My fiancee and I have not started a family yet (I am 31 and he is 28) as we have been living life - but now I am really worried as maybe I’ll never be a Mum???

I was placed on Zoladex to go hand in hand with my chemo sessions as this would be my best chance motherhood - but as with everything - no guarantees. I had my last Zoladex on the 17th August but still nothing on the period front. Am still having all the lovely (not) hot sweats but nothing else. I never thought I would crave a period but I am!

Has anyone else out there had Zoladex around my age and their periods have returned? Maybe I will go through the full menopause early?

Thanks for listening!!! Any feedback is very welcome!

Amber x

Hi Amber1,

i was dx in March this year, followed by WLE, Chemo and rads. luckily i had time for IVF treatment before. like you i have had Zoladex injections during the chemo. i finished chemo at the end of August as was the last Zoladex. i am still getting randon hot flushes and mood swings and i keep hopeing it is a bit of PMS and my period will come soon. i never thought i would crave a period either! I have heard from people who have been in a similar situation to us who have gone on to have children and return back to a ‘normal life’.
i think we just have to hold on and stay strong, be positive, let time take it’s course. the chemo puts your body through all sorts of challenges so lets be easy on ourselves. i know some days are harder than others and i feel frustrated and want to shout ‘it’s not fair’! best never underestimate the power of a positive attitude. keep strong.

Nadia xx

Hi Amber,

I was dx in March of this year and had the zoladex injection during chemo too. I was concerned about the fertility issue too but my oncologist said that because of my age(27 at dx) i stood a very good chance of being able to have kids in the future. I think that the same would apply to you.

Also, I’ve read on this site that because the cancer is very ER+ and PR+ that I would not have been able to have harvested eggs etc. I’m not sure if this is correct. Perhaps to do with lots of hormones i suppose.

Anyways, my oncologist wants me to keep having the zoladex injections for the next 3 years and possibly more, as the cancer was agressive too. He said that if i wanted to have children then I can stop the injections at anytime.

I honestly believe because of your age you stand an excellent chance of having children as normal. Keep positive like nadia said.

All the best and I’m thinking of you.

Hi All

You may be interested to know that Breast Cancer Care produces a booklet on fertility issues and breast cancer, I have given the link here:


This can be either downloaded or ordered from this site.

Kind regards

Breast Cancer Care

Hi Amber

I cant help it when I see a post like this one, but have to reply to it.

I was 34 when dx - WLE, CMF chemo, rads and 5 years Tamoxifen - also, 2 years of Zoladex and mirena coil.

I had been with my boyfriend just 9 months or so (and it was extremely rocky!) - we didnt want to rule out the chance of having kids (bf has 2 from previous relationship). Things settled down and we got married in 2005.

Finished full 5 years of Tamoxifen with no problems - had coil removed. Hey ho!

Periods came back and regular but still no baby after 11 months. Referred for fertility but really brought down to earth by top gynae bloke - ‘what on earth are you doing here? You’re 41 and you’ve had cancer. It could come back and you could die!’ We came out of that appointment suicidal!!! In December 2006, I realised that my period was late, did the test and congratulations were in order!!!

In May (6 months pregnant), I felt like I’d pulled a muscle behind my rib - this took 7 weeks to go - then, I developed sciatica. For the last few months, I was using crutches to get about, and for the last few weeks, I was wheelchair-bound.

6 days before the baby was due, I was at the hospital for growth scan, they sent for breast consultant who then ordered
x-rays. A c-section was arranged for the next day (Tues) and on Thursday, I was sent for MRI/CT scan - it was then, that we were told that the pains I’d had, had been the cancer - I have bone mets in my rib and hip/pelvic area.

We just couldnt believe it!! We had thought that we’d be safe with it being 7 years on!

All I can say is, that we are extremely proud parents - it can be done!!
I am a fighter - I intend being around for a good while yet, for my husband and my son!!!

I dont mean to be down-hearted but keep alert with any symptoms and be positive!

Good Luck!

Anne x

PS Baby was 11lb 2.5 oz born - dont know where that came from!!!

I am 38 and had chemo 4 years ago while taking Zoladex. I stayed on the Zoladex for 3 years and came off it last Christmas. My periods came back in May. My consultant said that it normally takes 5/6 months, so hang in there! Good luck!

Hi Ladies

Thanks so much for your replies - it means so much to know I am not alone. I have only just joined this site this week even though I started my chemo in April so feel like I have really missed out on making friends on here but am here now so hey ho. Being 31 when you’re diagnosed was such a shock as you all know. It’s not easy for anyone no matter what your age but you always associate cancer with older people I guess. Not anymore hey!

Anne - you sound like an inspirational lady and have the strength of an ox! Family are the most supportive thing in our lives and I have been so lucky to have my parents and fiancee support me every step of the way through my treatment - and it seems that your husband and son are your source of strength and why not! It is women like you that lead people like me on and make us feel that if she can do it so can I! You sound like you have been through so much and doesnt do what you’ve experienced justice on an email really - but you are very brave and thanks for sharing that with me.

Nadia, sally and teacup - thanks for your kind words - I will do exactly as you say and give myself a break. Guess I want my life as back to normal as possible - but all too quickly hey! Not even had radiotherapy yet - planning day next week. I dont want to start a family yet as I know I have to wait a few years anyway - it would just make me feel better if I had my periods back - a bit more normal I guess.

It is a pleasure to meet you all ladies and I hope we can all stay in touch as I love making new friends! Wish I had started using this site months ago as I love a good chat (as you can see lol)

Hope you are all doing well and sending a big hug

Amber x

It is so inspirational to hear these stories and I take so much strength from hearing them.

I felt a bit strange joining this site as I am a partner of someone going through this journey and to be honest there aren’t many blokes writing comments. Maybe we need our own little Category…lol.

Anyway, the person I know was diagnosed with BC and has now completed Chemo, Radio and has 1 Herceptin treatment to go. It has been a long and tiring journey for her and to be quite honest I do not know how she has pulled through it with so much grace and class. I look up to her more than she will ever realise and admire her strength and resolve. When we found out she had to have chemo the whole infertility thing came up and we decided to take precautions and have IVF and now they are sitting in some freezer somewhere. My hope was always that they would never have to be used and it was a fall back plan but it still ended up being the biggest decision of my life as I saw it that we had decided to potentially have a child together.

Has anyone been through this same process and how long after the Herceptin has finished can you find out that you are still fertile ?


Hi Amber
I was diagnosed April 2000, age 39. Had chemo, radiotherapy(tamoxifen at same time) followed by 2 years zoladex. I had a period 10 months after last jab. Stay hopeful and I wish you all the best.

had periods back after zoladex at 32 and all signs of montlhy fertiltiy. didn’t have time for the freezing eggs thing. but it can be just fine as so many of the stories above show - hang on in there!