zoladex injection - is it hideous or just me??

had the 2nd zloadex today with practice nurse and it was SO much better than the first time! Applied some Emla cream and coughed when nurse about to inject, and it was easy, so thanks for all the great tips - not going to dread it anymore!

I’m on the 3-monthly injection and don’t have anaesthetic. It does hurt for a moment, and feels slightly bruised afterwards, but otherwise I just forget about it.

I’m sorry, but a day off work to have this injection? I can only assume you are incredibly sensitive and feel pain badly. I go to my GP and get the nurse to do it after my day at work. (I don’t mean to flame or upset - but I am truly shocked at that!)

I have to say that even as a fully qualified super-wimp I can’t imagine taking a day off work for the injection. I’m not back at work yet, but intend to book the Zoladex appointments for first thing on my way to the office. It bruises beautifully but it doesn’t hurt and if I stayed at home to think about it I’m sure it would start hurting!

self-employment doesn’t allow for days off for injections- the rads are taking up enough work time as it is!! My BCN thinks I’m work-obsessed but still need to pay the bills!

Generous application of arnica cream seems to be dealing with the bruising very nicely. Gone from purple to a delicate shade of green in 3 days which by my standards is very quick. Just a shame the arnica doesn’t kill off the night sweats - last night was awful. My OH thought his luck had changed for the better when he found I was sleeping naked (unheard of for me in October), until he realise I was dripping with sweat - that soon cooled his ambitions!
Sarah x


With Zoladex it doea depend on where they get you - I used to find the odd injestion very painful and would bruise, but most of the time (had them for 3yrs and thn had overies removed) they were relatively painless.

I used to persuade the nurses to aim for the more fleshy bits (they had plenty to aim at) but found that it was not worth using the cream etc, as sometimes it doesn’t hurt, but even when it does it really is momentary. I also found that the faster the better - and NEVER watch or look at the needle!

A friend of mine also used to have a local before hers - but she was not good with needles and of course having the anaesthetic cream (takes around 20 secs to work) is another option, but I only had that when the nurse wanted me to as they hate giving the jab - so it was for her rather than me! If you do find someone who delivers the jab painlessly - stick with them!

It is not a pleasant jab and you are not alone in the way you feel, if the first one was bad - don’t worry the next might be better - some hurt more tha oters!

In termso hot flushes my only tip is turning over your pillow - the cold side is BLISS! There is also a Chillow (which is a cold pillpw filled with water, but Ifind tunring over the pillow and windows open the best bet!!!

Good luck and; your body does get used to Zoladex so it gets easier - honestly!!

Hi Phardy

I’m really interested to hear your comment that the body gets used to Zoladex so things improve, that gives me some light at the end of the tunnel. Have other people found the same?
Sarah x

Hi all

I thought it might be useful if I added the link to the BCC booklet on zoladex as it contains a lot of information about this treatment which you may find helpful.


Best wishes
Sam, BCC Facilitator

Thanks Sam,
I’ve got that leaflet but was more interested to hear what other women had actually experienced themselves, since I tend to find that info is more useful and relevant than the “you may find this a little uncomfortable” sort of advice! No offence intended. I realise you added the link to this leaflet for general info.
Would really like to hear from other women and their experience on Zoladex.

Hi Sarah,

Had my 1st Zoladex about 2 weeks ago. Wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t look and was holding my breath when the needle went in!

As it was my first time, I asked the nurse lots of questions. Made sure she explained everything to me. She also showed me the big needle and pointed to where it will go in. As I’m private, she also made sure I was in a private room just in case I scream!!

Not too much se yet, a lot better than I imagined. I have to say it was a lot less painful than “hunt the vein” for me when I was on chemo and have dye injection for scans.


Zoladex 10.8 injection. Hideous. Absoutely no bones about it. I have been through some painful time in my life and this was in the top four. (8 hour operation, childbirth and car crash)

I felt like i had been stabbed for around 5 hours afterwards so there is NO way i would go back to work and yes i too am self-employed.
I had blood on my top and had to walk leaning forward as to stop the top sticking to me. The plaster was useless and it was seeping through it.

I had no briuse just the slit where the injection went in. It wasn’t painful at all that night or thereafter but that first 5 hours i am dreading my next in 12 weeks!!

I’ve had 3 injections now. The first two hardly bruised, but I did wear comfy trousers and the nurse pressed on the injection site for a long time.
This third time is no more sore, but I have a horrific looking bruise (5cm by 3cm). I think I made the mistake of taking over the pressing of the injection site from the nurse and wearing tighter trousers (jean style).
Next time I will let the nurse press on for as long as she wants and I will go back to wearing comfy stretch gym trousers.

I’ve been considering asking to change from the monthly infection to the three monthly one, just for convenience, so was interested to read what esme78 said about it. Esme, did you have a local anaesthetic first or not? I’ve always had that and not felt a thing with the monthly jab, but I have come up with some lovely bruising. I assume the three month implant is a lot bigger.
Sarah x

oh dear, Esme, that does sound bad. I would agree with Sarah, ask for a local anaesthetic next time.

I had my 3-monthly last Thursday and it was given by the doc instead of the usual nurse. He kept asking if I wanted a local, but for me, I find it is only a short amount of discomfort and then feels a little bruised/tender for a few hours afterwards. He gave me an “I’ve been good at the Doctors today” sticker for being brave!!! The point being, he recognises how horrible this particular injection is.

Ask for a bigger plaster next time. Mine does bleed a little each time but a decently sticky plaster keeps it at bay, and loose trousers/skirt help with the tender patch.

I’ve been on the monthly one for over 2 yrs now and gather that the 3 month one is usually used for men with prostate cancer as it’s not (or certainly wasn’t) licensed for use with bc. I’ll stick with the monthly one and the anaesthetic cream anyway !!! The Emla cream is on my repeat prescription and I put it on about an hour before the jab and never feel a thing.

I am off the zoladex and letrozole now. Off to treatments new.

Take care everyone,

Will probably leave this thread in a day or two.


I questioned my oncologist about the 3-month vs 1 month when someone on here raised it before, but he said it was fine to use the 3-monthly for BC.

I was told by my Bupa nurse this week that Herceptin is only licensed to be administered over 1.5 hours, but hospitals regularly give it in just 30 minutes. She said that Bupa keep to the license conditions, but hospitals don’t always…

OH MY GOD!!!.. due my first zoladex injection tomorrow… just read this thread and now im scared!! dont like jabs at it is and im having a daily jab of fragmin at the moment (blood clot on lung because of tamoxifen so changed to arimidex…the reason now for zoladex) meant to be having my ovaries out (large cyst found on right ovary) but has to be postponed due to blood clot so will need… im told monthly zoladex injections until i have surgery, not sure i want to go now!!! got a bone scan first then i have to ‘pop in’ onc unit to get injection… dont want to gooooo!!! lol

It wasn’t that bad. Had no wish to wait another 45 mins for emla to numb skin and it is a bit sore but was over before I knew it. Nurse and my husband were amazed. Really, its over in a couple of seconds, if that. Just relax your belly, let them grab a bit of flab and it’ll be fine, honest! Hope not to hear it was awful for you!

Hi dmoore, thanks for your comment. You were right…it wasnt too bad, luckily i have a nice bit of flab on my tum to grab hold of!!! just layed on the bed and was over in seconds, think i was expecting it to be horrendous so was ‘pleasantly’ surprised :slight_smile: