Zoladex & Letrozole & Mucinous carcinomas

Hi ,

I’m new to the forum. I’m 30 & was diagnosed with breast cancer back in June, and with my lump being hormone responsive, I’ve been put on Zoladex and Letrozole, after the first 2 monthly check up it had started to shrink, but at the last check up last month there was no change in size, fingers crossed for the appointment in 4 weeks! Aside from those lovely menopausal side effects, it’s not too bad, but, just out of interest is there anyone else on Letrozole who’s premenopausal apart from me? I know every case is different, but as far as I’ve read it’s normally only used in postmenopausal women. Also, as far as I can tell mucinous/cardoid carcinoma’s aren’t that common…is there anyone else who has this type?

Hannah xx

Hi Hannah,

I was 36 when I initially had breast cancer and three and a half years on I now have secondaries - diagnosed a few weeks ago. I have been put on Zoladex to induce a menopause then will start on Letrozole in a couple of weeks. I was on Zoladex during my chemo in 2004 to preserve my ovaries for the babies I now will not be able to have, sadly. So here’s another pre-menopausal gal!

How’s the Letrozole? It’s always scary starting new medication. I had been on Tamoxifen which is being replaced with Letrozole.

Lots of good wishes

Angee xx

Hi Hannah & Angee -
I see your posts are almost 6 years old, but that means you can give good advice right?
I’m 44 and pre-menopausal. Had a lumpectomy and radiation. I tried tamoxifen twice, but it made my heart race and palpitate. This week I’m supposed to start zoladex injections and letrozole.
I’m specifically concerned with loss of bone density, weight gain, and the warnings of comsuming alcohol with the drugs. My husband and I love to enjoy a glass of wine 3-4 times/week.
I would love any advice either of you can offer!