zoladex menopause and now periods!

zoladex menopause and now periods!

zoladex menopause and now periods! Jane66

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—zoladex menopause and now periods!posted on 12.03.06 9:30 am

Hi 9 months after finishing zoladex injections have had first period for 3 1/2 years! was very worried as been having period type pains and back ache for last 6 weeks. feel pretty grotty but would be interested in anyone elses experiences like mine. I am 48 so presume will now have to wait for the menopause naturally?!

—perseverance for the ovaries! —Hi

I can imagine that you’re pretty amazed at resuming periods?! I’m 46 and have 15 jolly jabs to go. And, yes, I do mark them off! My onc doesn’t expect me to ‘start up’ again. Are you on tamoxifen too? I think that can keep them away.
A little while ago I posted asking who had been offered Zoladex and tamoxifen and who just tamoxifen. It seems that most doctors are assuming that trials will show that a combined ‘attack’ will be better.

Do you feel any different- apart from pre-menstrual miseries etc? I suppose your team will advise what course of action to take now?

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— —yes am on tamoxifin as well.

not sure what will happen next

— Kitty - I had number 9 today - 15 to go! Despite the anaesthetic cream todays jab really hurt. I’m 48 and am hoping to go through the menopause while on zoladex - seems Jane’s experiences show otherwise - ho hum!

—Seems like —we’re at the same point in treatment, fantan. Sorry to hear your last jab hurt. I suppose they wouldn’t give you three-monthly ones? They wouldn’t let me have those though I know other women have had them. You’re right, Jane’s experience shows that the ovaries might ‘wake up’ again and then what? Like with so much of this nasty disease, there’s uncertainty. How have you found Zoladex? Flushes, libido ( ha ha) , mood ,weight etc?

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