Zoladex/tamox & ovarian cysts?

Hi everyone

Five months into my tamoxifen treatment and four months into zoladex I had a major bleed (I believe it’s known as ‘flooding’!) for nearly 12 days. I did think I was going to bleed to death!
Anyway, after some hysterical phone calls I managed to get a gynae scan and the radiologist told me the womb looked normal, but that I had some small cysts - nothing to worry about.
I was referred to a gynaecologist anyway, and now he says that one of the ovarian cysts is 4cms and he needs to take a look at it - and might possibly remove my ovaries at the same time if he doesn’t like what he sees. I am having another scan on Friday just to check what’s going on as apparently sometimes these cysts just disappear.
Has anyone else had problems with ovarian cysts on zoladex/tamoxifen? And what are the SE of oophorectomy as opposed to zoladex does anyone know?
many thanks
Justy xxx

Hi Justy

I’m currently wondering if I’m bleeding to death too! Second period on tamoxifen and I’ve just this eve posted about zoladex and ovaries.

I don’t know if I have any cysts on my ovaries or if this bleed is just ‘normal’ for my drugged-up state and half-dead by chemo ovaries. Worrying, though.

I’ll be interested to hear what others have to say about SEs as I now have a choice whether to have the ovaries whipped out or not.

xx Jane