Zoladex/Tamoxifen side effects at this stage?

Hi I wonder if anyone can help. I’ve not been on the forums for a long time- I used them when I was first diagnosed and through surgery, chemo and radiotherapy but as I have been feeling well I have been trying not to think about everything too much. I finished herceptin about 3 months ago and I am currently on zoladex and tamoxifen. I’ve not really experienced side effects apart from hot flushes but the last couple of weeks have been bothering me. I wake up nauseaous and my head keeps spinning, its like a constant cloudy feeling- I’m also ridiculously tired- does anyone else feel like this from hormone therapy- and I’d be really interested if anyone has developed side effects after being on the treatment for so long (about 18 months)

Yvonne x


Yvonne - i’m sorry i can’t comment - only been on tamoxifen for a short time and been having my own" demons" that it may not be working due to lack of SE’s. I do hope someone can come along and put your mind at rest.


Hi Yvonne
It could be something else. Pre BC I developed a balance disorder and nausea, spinning and cloudy head could all be symptoms of that (I used to tell the docs my head felt like it was stuffed full of cotton wool - you can imagine the looks I got!!).
The site dizzytimes.com is an equivalent site to this and has useful info on the various conditions and symptoms.

Thanks for getting back to me. Arrangirl I’ll go and check out that site now- I always assume everything that I feel is somehow related to the bc or the treatment :0/ Lynn I hope you get things sorted out with the tamoxifen X

hi new to this site but was browsing through and saw ur comment.i was on tamoxifen to begin with but honestly made me so depressed with terrible dark thoughts.now been on arimidex and zoladex for 7 mnths.mentally better but hot sweats r a pain.about to try a course of accupuncture which is meant to help.also have gained a stone in weight!! joint pains too which BC nurse says is down to zoladex. take care,fight the fight! love tina x