Zoladex vs ovary removal


I am currently having Zoladex injections every 28 days for Grade 3 invasive breast cancer and take examestane tabs daily. I am 41 and prior to treatment still had regular periods. I am considering the option of having my ovaries removed instead of continuing with the injections but wonder at the side effects of this with my age. Has anyone one else experinced this and if so how have you coped with side effects?

Hi Tracemd,

I’m only 34 and due to secondaries I had my ovaries removed 11 days ago. So far I’m having menopausal symptoms but as I’m not very far down the line, I can’t share very much I’m afraid.

JT xx

Hi. I have been on tamoxifen for e years with min side effects. I had my ovaries and tubes removed in March which throws you into a surgical menopause. My side effects since then have been horrendous. I am just hoping it settles down soon. I now have to change from tamoxifen so I am hoping new tablet will help to min effects. I know everyone is different so you might have it done and be absolutely fine. To me it is just swapping one lot of side effects for another. It’s difficult to know what’s for the best but your consultant should be able to guide you…xx