Zoledronic infusion

Hello everyone

I was wondering whether any of you have started zoledronic infusions every three weeks and your experience of it.

Having read up on it there is the likelihood of experiencing flu like symptoms in the days following the infusion - if you work and have had to have infusions, have you been able to go to work the following day?

Any comments of your experience of this would be welcome.

Thank you’

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Hi Sunflower 4

I did feel a bit fluey for the first few Zometa infusions. A bit like after your Covid or flu jabs. I just tended to go to bed early (tea time at 1st but them 7pm) and was OK in the am.

All my Zometas and chemo were/have been on a Friday. So I never worked the next day but I was OK to go to rugby on Saturdays and do the volunteering I do there - if rather high from sterioids post chemo! :rofl:

I have 6 monthly infusions now (just 1 more to go). I was a bit fluey after the 1st 6 month one. Early night again and all fine the next day.

Hi Gelbel

Thank you very much for replying to my post. It is good to hear your experience of this. I have not been told how long I will need to do the monthly infusions for - forgot to ask. Did you also start with monthly and then reduce to six monthly?

I do hope your treatment is going well.

Take care
Sunflower4 :sunflower:

Hi Sunflower4

Mine were every 3 weeks when I was having chemo. When I finished rads I went on to daily tablets (an absolute pain - how you have to take them and they interfered big style with my lifestyle) and was switched to 6 monthly infusions when I explained the problems the tablets caused me.

Just 1 infusion left to go in May then that’s me all done and dusted apart from anastrozole for the next 7 years.

IMHO Zometa is a drop in the ocean compared to all the other treatments thrown at me!

Bes wishes
AnGELa x

Well done, it sounds like you have really been through the mill! Thank you for your comments they have made me feel a little less anxious about the infusions.

Wishing you all the best.


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Hello, I’ve had 5 infusions so far and not experienced any side effects at all- and having had another dexa scan last year, my bone density had increased by 4%.
Good luck- you could well be fine with it.

Hi sunflower4

Thank you for your question.

Like any drug, zoledronic acid infusion can cause side effects. As @Gelbel mentions, common side effects include flu-like symptoms such as joint and muscle pain as well as feeling sick. Some people do get headaches lasting for a couple of hours to a couple of days after the infusion. Your treatment team can advise you about taking mild pain relief to help.

You may want to read other posts about zoledronic acid or you may want to post your own question about going to work on the other notice boards. Here you can read some tips for going back to work after treatment.

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