Zoletronic acid... side effects?

Hi all…

I had my first infusion of zoletronic acid last week…

 Had a rough old week of various different side effects, the one that is worrying me is low calcium… which still doesn’t seem to be sorted over a week on… I have now had 3 overnight drips to sort it out, and bloods are finally back to normal… but I am not convinced it’s over yet!

Does anyone else have this drug/suffer from side effects/have any advice?

Am due to have it every 6 months, and am currently not too sure I want to go through this one again!


Hello Leo
Welcome …funny but we have just been talking about this on the bone Mets thread …your oncologist will need to be told about this but lucky enough …I don’t have problems .xxxx

Oh God. I had my first treatment of Zolodronic Acid on the 7th April. I was rushed to hospital on Saturday afternoon. I had the most unbearable back pains. I was writhering in absolute agony. I was sick over everything and everyone. My heart was pounding and my chest felt like it was going to explode as did my head. I thought I was dying. I was maxed out on morphine. Every test, x ray and scan. They let me go home on Tuesday evening. They are waiting for bone mets results. They reckon this is possible. I’m not sure I want this again. I am sort of ok now. I have a bottle of oral morphine just in case it is really bad again. I have a chest infection now too. Poor hubby had to watch all that. I wouldn’t mind so much but I did all I was told before the treatment - i.e. Took paracetamol before and continued after. Ambulance men were really worried as despite all of that I still had a temperature ? Just need antibiotics to kick in and all hopefully will be fine This can only happen to me ?


i have been on this for just over 3 years (every 3 weeks) and initially the joint pain was severe but it eventually reduced to a point where I take paracetamol and codeine to keep it in check.  I also take daily Ad-cal tablets to ensure my calcium levels stay balanced.

i dud have some issues with potassium in the first weeks but that is resolved now.

i hope things improve for you


Ivebeen on zoltronic acid nearly a year now. I would say that the first few infusions l felt awful pains however l don’t have that now and make sure I drink plenty fluids before and after infusion and pamper myself the day after. Its ok it gets easier

Hi, I have had 4 x4 weekly cycles of zoletronic acid, amd seem to be getting stiffness pain in my hips worse each time.

Would be grateful for any tips.

The cancer nurse said I can try Glucosamine and Chondroitin but wasn’t suggesting it would actually help.

I find I can be pain free at rest, but walking is very painful so I then sit down as soon as possible. 

Have been advised to try to keep moving but it is exhausting.

What do you do?