Zolodex and breast tissue

Hi, my mum is four years from diagnosis next month. Er+ pr+ and Her2+ she was 41 at diagnosis very healthy etc.
Because of a blood clot her chosen hormone treatment is anastrozole and zolodex implants. She stopped the implants august 2013. They said her ovaries should be dead etc anyone she’s had a period every month for the last 3 and after so much faffing for the last three months just to get a proper answer today and is being put back on zolodex for another 2 years.
He gave her a massive check over for peace of mind (hormones being back can’t be good right?) nothing found in lymph nodes or anything but he said her breast tissue feels abrasive? (my mum said they feel more lumpy but no ‘lumps’) I think that’s the word haha he says this could be caused by putting her through the menopause and her body reverting back but wants a mammogram and ultrasound on them incase.
Has anyone experienced this? And if so were your scans clear?
I’m terrified, I haven’t stopped worrying about cancer since her diagnosis… I mean her cancer was pretty nasty (I know they all are) but there was no spread to lymph nodes (I know that doesn’t matter)
My worrying means I have done so so much research and everything regarding Her2 cancer is negative so I want real life advice! The people who have been there before are the only people who know how it actually feels. My partner is trying his best but telling me not to worry isn’t really helping me.
Thankyou guys and I’m very sorry for the long post xx

How lovely for your mum that she has you to look after her. my periods came back too and I thought that wasn’t a good sign, obviously meant I was still hormonal. I had zoladex injections but after a couple of months of this I wasn’t happy to have more injections so I chose to have my ovaries removed always an option for your mum. Sorry can’t help about the breast tissue but nothing is the same after breast cancer. It’s a constant worry. Xx